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KYN58-12 Metal Armored Removable Switchgear
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KYN58-12 Metal Armored Removable Switchgear

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Product Description
  KYN58-12 metal armored switch-type switchgear is a new concept switchgear developed by Wuhan Changxing Electrical Appliance Development Co., Ltd., which is developed according to GB, lEC, DlN and other standards. It is suitable for different types of substations, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises and High-rise buildings and other places. The switchgear is especially suitable for frequent operation.
  The friendly man-machine interface makes the switchgear operation programmatic and formulaic, and the operator can see at a glance.
  The uniquely designed propulsion mechanism enables the handcart to automatically find the position during the push-out process, and the contact of the isolated contact is more reliable.
  Up and down the tool rack with adjustable lifting width can easily put different types of hand trucks on the ground or work platform for maintenance. The tool trolley and switchgear are equipped with reliable locking, which strengthens the anti-drop measures of the handcart. The tool cart is not securely engaged with the cabinet. It is not possible to push the cart into the cabinet or pull the cart out of the cabinet.
  The CT installation is changed from the rear of the cabinet to the hoisting, which increases the space of the cable room. The cable connection height is more than 800mm, which makes the cable installation convenient and easy to maintain.
  The secondary plug is completely locked.
  Ground interlocking is simple and reliable.
  The combined shutter is flexible to open. As the circuit breaker is pulled out, the shutter is automatically closed and forcibly locked, thus eliminating the risk of accidental high voltage.
  The four-pin lock door structure relieves the troubles of closing the door and opening the door frequently. No matter what state, the solid and reliable door can effectively withstand the impact of the internal fault arc.
  The circuit breaker door and the circuit breaker have reliable interlocking, and only the circuit breaker door can be closed to operate the circuit breaker, effectively preventing the arc from harming people when the fault is closed.
  Sturdy cabinet, effective pressure relief channel can withstand internal fault arc impact and burning, effectively protecting the operator's personal safety.
  Reasonable electric field distribution and insulation structure design make the switchgear cabinet reliable and meet the requirements of all working conditions (the cabinet passes the condensation and pollution test).
  Normal use environmental conditions
  ● Ambient temperature: -25 ° C ~ +45 ° C;
  ● Altitude: no more than 1000m;
  ● Relative temperature: no more than 90% (+25 °C);
  ● Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
  ● Locations free from fire, explosion hazard, serious contamination, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.
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