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KYN1-12 Armored Removable Metal-enclosed Switchgear
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KYN1-12 Armored Removable Metal-enclosed Switchgear

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Product Description
  KYNI-i2 armored removable metal-enclosed switchgear (referred to as switchgear) is designed according to national standard GB3906 "3-35KV indoor AC metal-enclosed switchgear", in line with International Electrotechnical Commission IEC298 "AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control Equipment" standard, with "five-proof" blocking function. This product absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and has the characteristics of compact structure, safety and reliability, convenient maintenance and excellent performance.
  This product is suitable for the rated voltage 3.6-12KV, 50Hz, rated current 630-3150A three-phase AC single bus and single bus segmentation system, as the acceptance and distribution of electrical energy. It can meet the requirements of various types of power plants, substations (houses) and industrial and mining enterprises.
  KYNi-I2 switchgear consists of four parts: front cabinet, rear cabinet, relay instrument room and handcart. The chambers are separated by a grounded metal partition and the degree of protection is IP2X.
  The circuit breaker handcart uses a vacuum circuit breaker and is equipped with two different operating mechanisms, CT or CD. The handcart also has a voltage transformer handcart, a lightning arrester handcart, and an isolated handcart. The handcart is equipped with advanced propulsion mechanism, which is light and flexible, and the positioning device is safe and reliable. The door is integrated with the handcart panel.
  The relay instrument room is assembled and fixed on the cabinet. The front door can be equipped with instruments, signal relays, operation switches, etc. The inner door and relay movable plate can be equipped with an electric meter or relay. The secondary cable is led from the left wall of the handcart room. Instrument room.
  The product has five anti-function functions, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and maintenance.
  Normal use environmental conditions
  ● Ambient temperature: upper limit +40 ° C, lower limit of 10 ° C.
  ● Relative humidity: The daily average is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%.
  ● Altitude: less than 1000 meters.
  ● Earthquake intensity: less than 8 degrees.
  ● Locations free from fire, explosion hazard, serious contamination, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.
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