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GZDW type high frequency switching DC power supply system
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GZDW type high frequency switching DC power supply system

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Product Description
  The system is composed of naturally cooled high-frequency switching power supply modules, which are divided into two types: integrated system (charging and feeding) and split screen system (charging screen and feeder screen). They are mainly used in power plants and substations. And petrochemical, mining, railway and other units, for the circuit breaker, closing and secondary circuit in the instrument, instrumentation, relay protection and fault lighting power supply.
  ● Adopt modular design of switching power supply and N+I hot backup.
  ● The charging module can be plugged in and out, and the repair time is greatly shortened.
  ● The system uses natural cooling.
  ● Adopting the latest soft-switching technology, all key components are made of high-quality imported brand-name products.
  ● Reliable lightning protection measures and high electrical insulation protection measures to ensure system and personal safety.
  ● The monitoring unit uses large-screen LCD Chinese characters to display sound and light alarms.
  ● The parameter settings of each part of the system can be modified online.
  ● Battery automatic temperature compensation function.
  ● Multiple expansion ports are available to access a variety of external devices such as insulation monitoring devices, battery detection devices, etc.
  ● With "telemetry, remote control, remote signaling, remote adjustment" function, it can be unattended.
  ● With automatic battery management and protection.
  ● With input voltage overvoltage alarm and protection, input voltage undervoltage alarm and protection, output voltage overvoltage and undervoltage alarm and protection.
  Normal use environmental conditions
  ● The ambient temperature is not higher than +45 °C, not lower than 25 °C, and the daily average temperature is not higher than +40 °C.
  ● The altitude does not exceed 2000H.
  ● The daily average humidity is not more than 95%.
  ● The inclination of the device is not more than 5 when installed…
  ● There is no strong vibration around, no corrosive gas and conductive dust.
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