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YBM3A-12 0.4 Series Box Substation
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YBM3A-12 0.4 Series Box Substation

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Product Description
  YBM3A-12/0.4 series prefabricated substation products designed and manufactured to meet the needs of domestic users. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, strong set, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, small appearance, small footprint and convenient movement. Product performance has reached the domestic advanced level.
  The shell is designed according to foreign advanced technology and according to actual conditions. It has the characteristics of firmness, heat insulation and ventilation, dustproof, anti-small animal, moisture-proof, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. The shell material is available in aluminum alloy plate, steel plate and composite plate.
  The high pressure side uses a compressed air type, SF6 load switch or vacuum load switch, which has reliable anti-misoperation function. The transformer can be either an oil-immersed transformer, a fully sealed transformer or a dry-type transformer. The low-pressure side adopts the latest plastic shell automatic air switch, which has high breaking capacity and good protection performance. The YBM3A-12/0.4 outlet circuit can be up to 30.
  The automatic reactive power compensation device can also be selected when requested by the user.
  The substation is equipped with a self-controlled exhaust device to meet the requirements of high temperature areas. Anti-condensation dehumidification heating automatic control device can be installed when the user requests it to meet the special requirements of the alpine region.
  The substation is easy to install, and a movable bottom plate is installed in the low-voltage room of the substation, so that people can directly enter the cable trench.
  Substations are available in a variety of design options.
  On the basis of ordinary box-type substation, it can be made into a landscape box by embedding wood boards, ceramic tiles, etc., or other decorative materials according to user requirements.
  Normal use environmental conditions
  ● The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
  ● The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 ° C, not lower than 25 ° C.
  ● The outdoor wind speed does not exceed 35m/s.
  ● Relative humidity: The daily average is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%.
  ● Installation location: Installed in a place where there is no fire, explosion hazard, no serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.
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