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YB27-12 0.4 series pre-installed box substation
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YB27-12 0.4 series pre-installed box substation

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Product Description
  YB series 12kV50Hz prefabricated substation (hereinafter referred to as American box change). It is used in 10kV ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply system as power conversion, power distribution, metering, compensation, control and protection devices. In addition to the transformer, the substation is equipped with a four-station (or two-station) load switch, backup protection fuse and plug-in fuse on the high-voltage side. The low-voltage side can be equipped with control appliances, power distribution appliances, compensation devices and metering meters according to user requirements. Use transformer oil as insulation and arc extinguishing medium.
  This product is developed by absorbing the latest advanced technology from abroad and combining with the actual situation in China. It has the characteristics of small size, simple installation, low noise, low loss, full protection, simple maintenance, high performance and price ratio, and is suitable for new residential areas, green belts, parks, stations, terminals, hotels, construction sites, airports and other places.
  In addition to meeting the relevant standards of the respective components, this product also complies with the relevant provisions of GB/T17467-98.
  The substation consists of the upper and lower fuel tanks and the switch cabinet. The separation of the high-pressure switch oil tank and the transformer oil circuit ensures that the arc generated by the switch during load operation does not affect the quality of the oil in the transformer, and the heat generated by the transformer does not significantly affect the temperature rise of the high-voltage load switch.
  Low loss and strong overload capability.
  It can be used in ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply system. The power supply mode is convenient to switch and reliable.
  This product has a phase loss protection device. When the phase is missing, the low-side switch can be automatically disconnected to prevent non-full-phase operation of the three-phase consumer.
  The main technical parameters
  ● Rated voltage
  ● High voltage side 12kV
  ● Low voltage side 0.4kV
  ● Rated capacity 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1250 (kVA)
  ● No load voltage regulation +2x2.5%
  ● Connection method Dynll
  ● rated insulation level
  ● Lightning impulse withstand voltage (full wave, peak) 75kV
  ● Power frequency withstand voltage lmin35kV
  ● Low-voltage side power frequency withstand voltage and relative ground (1min)
  ● Main circuit 2.5kV
  ● Control and measurement loop 2.0kV
  ● Noise level <45dB
  ● Protection class IP34
  ● Cooling method oil immersed from cold
  ● Normal use environmental conditions
  ● Altitude: no more than 1000 meters.
  ● Ambient temperature: no higher than +45 °C, not lower than 25 °C, the daily average temperature difference does not exceed 35 °C.
  ● The wind speed does not exceed 35m/s.
  ● There is no danger of explosion, chemical corrosion and severe vibration at the installation site.
  ● Install on cement platforms or other flat, solid platforms.
  ● The air is self-cooling.
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