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Cooperated with Schneider Electric Co., France to produce MVnex medium voltage switchgear
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Cooperated with Schneider Electric Co., France to produce MVnex medium voltage switchgear

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Product Description
  MVnex medium voltage switchgear is another high-end product of our company as a technical and business partner of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., which uses its technology and management system to contribute to the Chinese market. This product is a medium-sized indoor unit. Metal armored switchgear. The device is suitable for 3~12kV three-phase AC 50Hz indoor power distribution system, which can meet the requirements of various types of power plants, substations (stations), industrial and mining enterprises, and implement control, protection and monitoring of circuits. The switchgear is especially suitable for frequent operation.
  The switchgear is fully compliant with GB3906, IEC60298 and 60694 standards.
  The switchgear is equipped with Evolis vacuum circuit breaker, grounding switch and Sepaml000+ multi-function digital protection device provided by Schneider Electric of France. It has excellent technical performance and convenient installation and operation.
  The complete design of the extractable circuit breaker and the intelligent chassis car, the complete installation frame with the metal shutter and the special casing is different from the ordinary centrally placed indoor metal armored switchgear installation method to ensure the open circuit The flexibility of the access mechanism is flexible and reliable.
  Shell rating IP4X, in accordance with IEC60529. Inter-room IP2X.
  The metal plate is coated with aluminum zinc plate and electrogalvanized plate, and has good corrosion resistance.
  The front door panel is treated with a high temperature spray epoxy powder in RAL 9002 (white). The internal insulation material has fire resistance.
  The busbar room, circuit breaker room and cable wiring room are all equipped with a pressure relief channel for upward exhaust, and the overall structure ensures that the overpressure gas can be effectively released.
  It has the ability to resist internal arc accidents and ensure the safety of operating personnel in the event of an accident.
  The product has a complete mechanical interlocking device to prevent misoperation, which can effectively prevent electrical accidents.
  Normal use environmental conditions
  ● The altitude does not exceed l000 meters.
  ● The upper limit of the ambient temperature is +40 °C, the lower limit is -5 °C, and the average temperature within 24 hours is +35 °C.
  ● Relative humidity: The daily average is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%.
  ● The surrounding air is not contaminated by corrosive or flammable gases, water vapor, etc.
  ● No frequent and severe vibrations.
  ● Exceeding the above conditions of use, if the user has special requirements, it can be specially negotiated with the manufacturer.
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