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XGN15-12 unit type SF6 ring network cabinet
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XGN15-12 unit type SF6 ring network cabinet

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Product Description
XGN15-12 unit type sulphur hexafluoride ring network cabinet (hereinafter referred to as unit cabinet) is a new generation of high-voltage electrical products produced by introducing foreign advanced technology and in accordance with the requirements of domestic agricultural network and urban network transformation. The main switch, operating mechanism and components of the unit cabinet adopt ABB original SFL-12/24 type or domestic high quality product FLN36-12D type SF6 switch equipment. It can also be equipped with ABB original HAD/US type SF6 open circuit according to user needs. Or VD4-S vacuum circuit breaker. Its operation mode can be divided into manual and electric. After strict type test and long-term operation assessment, the technical performance indicators of the cabinet all meet the GB3906 and IEC298 standards, which are applicable to the 12KV power network as the acceptance and distribution of electric energy.
◆The cabinet body is riveted with 2mm thick aluminum-zinc plate. There are two pressure reliefs L behind the cabinet, one for the cable compartment and the other for the load switch/busbar compartment. The structure can ensure personal safety and reliable operation of the equipment to the maximum extent, the protection level is IP3X, and has reliable mechanical interlocking and anti-misoperation functions.
◆ This product has the characteristics of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy operation, long life, high parameters, no pollution, and less maintenance.
  The main technical parameters
◆Rated voltage: 12kV
◆Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
◆Main busbar rated current: 630A
◆Main circuit, ground loop rated short-time withstand current: 20/3 (kA/s)
◆Main circuit, ground loop rated peak withstand current: 50kA
◆Main circuit, ground circuit rated short circuit closing current: 50kA
◆Load switch rated current breaking times: 100/time
◆ rated transfer current: 1700A
◆Fuse rated maximum current: 160A
◆Fuse breaking current: 31.5-50(kA)
◆Mechanical life: 2000/time
◆1min power frequency withstand voltage (effective value): phase, ground / isolation fracture 42/48 (kV)
◆Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak): phase-to-phase, ground/isolated fracture 75/85 (kV)
◆Secondary circuit: 1min power frequency withstand voltage 2kV
◆Protection level: IP3X
Normal use environmental conditions
◆ The altitude is not more than 1000 meters.
◆ Ambient temperature: upper limit +40 ° C, lower limit -35 ° C.
◆ Relative humidity: The daily average is not more than 95%, and the monthly average is not more than 90%.
◆ The surrounding air is not obviously contaminated by corrosive gases or flammable gases, water vapor, etc.
◆ No frequent vibrations.
Internal structure
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