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Product Description
GCK (L) low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for low-voltage distribution system with AC 50Hz and rated working voltage of 380V. It includes the functions of power center (PC) and motor control center (MCC). All technical parameters meet national standards. It has advanced structure, beautiful appearance, high electrical performance, high protection level, safety and reliability, and easy maintenance. An ideal power distribution unit for low-voltage power supply systems in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power, machinery, textile and other industries.
This product complies with IEC-439 and GB7251.1-97 standards.
◆GCK(L)1 and GCJI are assembled and assembled structures. The basic skeleton is made of special profiles and assembled.
◆The cabinet skeleton, part size and opening size vary according to the basic modulus E=25mm.
◆ In the MCC scheme, the interior of the cabinet is divided into five areas (rooms): a horizontal bus area, a vertical bus area, a functional unit area, a cable room, and a neutral ground bus area. Each zone is isolated from each other to ensure normal operation of the line and effectively prevent faults from expanding.
◆Because all the structures of the frame are connected by screws, the welding deformation and stress are avoided, and the precision is improved.
◆The parts are highly versatile, with good applicability and high standardization.
◆The extraction and insertion of the functional unit (drawer) is a lever operation, and the configuration of the rolling bearing is light and reliable.
  The main technical parameters
◆Protection class IP40, IP30
◆ rated working voltage 380 (V)
◆Frequency 50Hz
◆ rated insulation voltage 660V
◆Working conditions
Environment: indoor
Altitude: ≤2000m
Ambient temperature: -5°C-+40°C
Under storage and transportation conditions, the minimum temperature is -30 ° C
Relative humidity ≤90%
◆Control motor capacity (kW): 0.4-155
◆Rated current (A)
Horizontal busbar: 1600, 2000, 3150
Vertical busbar: 630, 800
Main circuit contact connector: 200, 400
Feeder circuit PC cabinet: 1600
Maximum current MCC cabinet: 630
Power receiving circuit: 1000, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150
◆Rated short-time withstand current (KA)
Valid values: 50, 80
Peak: 105, 176
◆Power frequency withstand voltage (V/1min): 2500
Normal use environmental conditions
◆ The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.
◆The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 ° C, not lower than -5 ° C, and the average temperature within 24 h is not higher than +35 ° C.
◆ Atmospheric conditions: The air is clean, the relative humidity does not exceed 50% at a temperature of +40 ° C, and a higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature, for example, 90% at +20 ° C.
◆ There is no fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.
◆Do not tilt more than 5° from the vertical plane.
◆The control center is suitable for the transportation and storage process of the following temperature: -25 °C - +55C, in a short time (not more than 24h) does not exceed +70 °C.
Internal structure
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