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PX (F) series low voltage integrated distribution box
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PX (F) series low voltage integrated distribution box

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Product Description
PX (F) distribution box is a kind of beautiful, novel and innovative, which is continuously developed and improved by our company to meet the requirements of continuous updating of low-voltage electrical products and users to put forward various new requirements for terminal distribution boxes in low-voltage systems. Waterproof and dustproof power and lighting distribution box. The electrical components selected for the distribution box are advanced. Its main electrical properties, such as breaking capacity, thermal stability and insulation properties, can meet higher requirements to meet the needs of different users in industrial and civil buildings. The trial production success and promotion of this product will completely replace the "XL-21" type and similar power distribution box, which has been welcomed by users in the application.
◆ Integrates energy metering, power, lighting distribution, reactive power compensation and electric shock protection.
◆It has the advantages of small size, easy installation, lightning protection, low cost, strong adaptability and accurate compensation.
◆It is easy to move as a whole. It can be installed indoors or outdoors near the distribution transformer. It can also be integrated into the distribution transformer to integrate it, which can effectively prevent electricity theft.
◆Reliable operation and high protection level are ideal products for rural power grid reconstruction.
◆ There are a variety of box types and specifications for users to choose, and can be customized according to user requirements.
  The main technical parameters
◆Rated voltage: 0.4kV
◆Rated current: 50-400kV
◆Rated frequency: 50Hz
◆rated leakage current: 0.03A-0.5A
◆Electric shock current: ≤50mA
◆ rated breaking time: ≤0.2S
◆Delay reclosing time: (20-60)S
◆Capacitor compensation transformer capacity: 15%-30%
◆Measuring unit adopts 3 single-phase watt-hour meters or 1 three-phase watt-hour meter
Normal use environmental conditions
◆The ambient temperature is not higher than +45 °C, not lower than -25 °C, and the daily average temperature is not higher than +40 °C.
◆ The altitude does not exceed 2000M.
◆ The daily average humidity is not more than 95%.
◆The inclination of the equipment should not exceed 5° when installed.
◆ There is no strong vibration around, no corrosive gas and conductive dust.
Internal structure
◆ Products must be opened, operated, inspected and repaired by qualified personnel.
◆The product is made of steel plate bending. Surface high voltage electrostatic spray treatment. High corrosion resistance and high protection level. The special metering room is equipped with anti-smash lock to prevent electricity theft, and the door can be opened for operation and meter reading.
◆ Check the grounding components for damage before installation, and whether the switches are flexible.
◆ Check if the busbar contact is good and the grounding device is reliable.
◆ Disconnect the main switch before servicing, and the capacitor can be repaired after being discharged.
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