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CTG2 series non-standard cabinet
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CTG2 series non-standard cabinet

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Product Description
Structure and features:
●The two sides of the cabinet are closed, the back panel is detachable, the CTGI type is the back panel, the CTG2 is the front convex back panel, and the CTG3 is the front and rear convex door;
●The mounting plate can be adjusted front and rear. In addition to the whole mounting plate, it is also possible to install the column and the strip;
● Protection level: CTG1 is IP40 or IP43, CTG2 is IP43, CTG3 is IP54 or IP55;
● The back plates of CTGI and CTG2 cabinets can be changed to rear flat doors;
●The cabinet is treated with electro-galvanizing and has strong corrosion resistance;
● Surface electrostatic plastic powder, the color is RAL7032, or selected by the user, the mounting plate is hot-dip galvanized sheet;
● Can be used as PLC cabinet, relay protection cabinet, electric control cabinet and low-voltage power distribution cabinet;
● After special processing, it can meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility;
● CTG3 can be installed in a dusty on-site environment;
● It is recommended to add a rain-proof sunscreen cover when installing outdoors.
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