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Service Commitment
  At the same time of our company's focus on quality, we pay more attention to the satisfaction of users in the after-sales service. The company has set up a special after-sales service and quality management department, hiring high-quality service personnel to handle the various service requirements of users, so that users have no worries. Get timely and comprehensive service and guidance. Our company promises the following aspects of the service:
  1, Guide installation and commissioning
  In the process of installing the products of our company, the company will send people to provide on-site guidance and installation services. For the problems caused by the user's own technical conditions or design negligence, our technical service personnel will try their best to assist the users to solve them.
  2, Provide complete equipment technical information free of charge
  Our company will provide users with detailed technical information of the factory equipment at the same time as the equipment leaves the factory, including on-site installation, use and routine maintenance instructions.
  3. Timely service is fast and efficient
  Our company has set up a professional after-sales service department and is equipped with professional technicians who have been trained in skills. Within 12 hours after receiving the user service information, the service personnel will be in place, 24 hours of maintenance will be in place, and some remote areas will be in place for 48 hours. In addition, the company will conduct a visit to the user every six months to fully understand the user's needs and make the service work. Do a better job.
  4, Quality three packs, lifetime maintenance
  After the equipment is delivered and used, the company will provide free replacement of the parts caused by the quality problems caused by the normal use of the product during the warranty period. After the expiration of the warranty period, if the user needs to repair or change the equipment, our company may also Arrange for personnel to travel, only charge for materials and fees.
  5. Free training of user operators and maintenance personnel
  During the production process of the equipment or after the equipment is delivered and used, our company provides free training to the user's operators and maintenance personnel in the company. The number of trainees is specified by the user. The training contents are roughly equipment maintenance, operation and maintenance, operation and replacement maintenance and safety. Courses such as knowledge, training instructors are all experienced engineers of our company, and the timing can be decided by the user.
  6, Long-term free technical support
  Our company provides long-term free technical support for users who purchase our products. When users need to renovate equipment, they provide the best upgrade plan, so that users can make full use of the original equipment and save money. Upgrade of the power distribution system.
  After-sales service hotline: 027-61603188 to 8028/027-61603588