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Quality Assurance
Quality assurance commitment
  The company has always regarded quality as its own life and integrity as the soul of the company. In the "no quality, why to survive" belief for the purpose. Commitment to the products produced:
  1. Strict inspection system for outsourcing parts
  Strictly check the outsourcing parts of the products, so that each component undergoes strict quality inspection before entering the factory, and refuses to enter the warehouse for unqualified or reworked and expired components. Establish a qualified supplier file, and implement the quality inspection of the qualified supplier's products according to the purchase inspection specifications, and minimize the impact of external factors.
  2. Advanced design methods
  All products adopt CAD computer-aided design, resolutely put an end to the quality problems caused by design omissions, and truly standardize, serialize, generalize and specialize.
  3, Superb craftsmanship guarantee
  The introduction of the world's leading production equipment, greatly improving the processing accuracy and yield of the products, so that our company's product quality has a reliable guarantee, especially the pull-out switchgear, the interchange rate can reach 100%.
  4. Perfect quality assurance system
  Strictly implement the IS09001 quality management system, and the product manufacturing process fully implements the system program files. Product design, manufacturing, process control, testing responsibility to people, key projects, key documents, production of key components are not quality control points, so that each process of the product manufacturing process is always under strict control.
  All low-voltage complete sets of equipment produced by our company have passed the national mandatory (CCC) certification. The National Quality Certification Center strictly carries out strict factory inspections on our company in accordance with the relevant quality standards, which has played a good role in the stable improvement of our company's product quality. enhancement.
  5, Excellent testing equipment and testing methods:
  ☆Vacuum Tester
  ☆Loop Resistance Tester
  ☆Mechanical Property Test
  ☆Program Control Device
  ☆Pressure Test Bench
  ☆Impulse Voltage Test Device
  ☆Operation Test Bench
  ☆Special Circuit Breaker Tester
  6, High-quality staff team
  Our company has a group of experienced and skilled engineers and technicians, and provides strong guarantee for the quality of products with rich experience and excellent technology.
  7, Comprehensive and extensive technical support
  Our company has maintained long-term and good cooperative relations with major electric drive design institutes across the country. The most comprehensive and extensive technical support is available, and our company's technical level is always at the leading position in China.