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Leader's Speech
Dear leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life:
Welcome to Chutian Electric, here on behalf of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd., and in my own name, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your friends, as well as all friends who care and support Chutian Electric!
Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary enterprise of Wujian Group. It mainly develops and produces electric control cabinets and the original “Hubei Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.” and “Chutian” brand equipment. In 1999, the state-owned enterprises were converted into private enterprises. The company entered a stage of comprehensive development, and its products expanded from a single building electrical cabinet to electrical equipment. From 2001 to now, it has produced more than 40,000 sets of high and low voltage power equipments. The products have passed the IS09001: 2008 quality system certification and the national mandatory “CCC” certification. Now it has developed into a leading industry in Central China. It is listed as Wuhan High-tech Company in Wuhan Huakou North China Commodity Market Group Huazhong Enterprise City, a modern garden-style factory building with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, people have higher requirements for choosing employment for enterprises or selecting products for enterprises. That is to require enterprises to do more social responsibility!
High and low voltage power equipment is directly related to people's production and life. How to make production safe? How to make the social order stable? How to make people happy and harmonious? There are no high-voltage and low-voltage power equipments with excellent quality. Everything is empty talk! This is also the standard for balancing a company.
To this end, we spare no expense to purchase domestic advanced CNC production equipment and testing equipment, laying a good foundation for mass production, quality assurance and efficiency. Has worked closely with many internationally renowned companies and signed a long-term “strategic partnership” technology agreement with Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., which makes Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. become a licensed enterprise in the region. The young technical innovation team always adheres to the enterprise spirit of “passion, encouragement, development and win-win”, and runs through the management policy of “designing zero defects, managing zero errors, and zero market distance” to establish “belief first, customer first”. "The purpose of the service, to be a professional, to do things professionally,
For customers: We are free of your worries with the best value for money;
For partners: We will win long-term returns for you with sincerity and commitment;
For employees: We develop our development space with the love of our loved ones and the culture of modern culture;
For the society: We take the attitude of the master and always do our best to fulfill our responsibilities and mission.
Dear friends, we Chutian people are willing to go hand in hand with you, friends from all walks of life and colleagues to build our beautiful home, thank you!
Chairman: Chen Songwen