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Technical Renovation of Low Voltage Distribution Equipment in Siping Cigarette Factory General Contracting of Construction Project (EPC) of Fast Boat Series Launch Vehicle Assembly and General Adjustment Center (Phase I)

Qianjiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Children's Hospital) Relocation Project Substation and Distribution Equipment and Installation of the Fourth Distribution Network Material of Henan Electric Power Company in 2018

Mongolian Shanji Sante Co., Ltd. produces 1500 tons of clinker cement production line daily. State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company's second batch of agreed inventory in 2016 (151608 batches)

Huaxin Cement Cambodia Zhuoreding Cement Co., Ltd. produces 3200 tons per day cement production line Huaxin Yawan Cement Co., Ltd. 3000T/D cement clinker production line

The 4500t/d clinker production line of Quxian County, Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd., the first distribution equipment of Hubei Power Grid of State Grid Corporation in 2017

The First Distribution Network Equipment of Xinjiang Power Grid of State Grid Corporation in 2017 and Transmission and Transfer Project of High Standard Farmland Construction Project of Public Security County in 2018 (Shizikou Area)


Gezhouba Shimen Special Cement Co., Ltd. Produces 600,000 tons of white Portland Cement per year Technical Reform Project of State Grid Jibei Electric Power Co., Ltd. The First Set of Complementary Projects for New Residential Areas in 2015

Iraqi Karajo 6000TPD Cement Plant Project Low Voltage Inverter Power Supply First Power Generation Co., Ltd. Public System Coal Transportation and Ash Removal Low Voltage Distribution Cabinet

Enshi Yongyang Industrial Co., Ltd. In 2017, the first batch of materials procurement projects for new residential power supply ancillary projects State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Company in 2017, the second batch of materials agreement inventory ring cage for distribution network


Huaxin Cement (Tibet) Co., Ltd. 3000 TD new dry cement clinker expansion project supporting 6MW waste heat power generation project Huaxin Cement (Tibet) Co., Ltd. Phase III 3000t/d cement production line project


Substation and Distribution Equipment and Installation of Qianjiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Children's Hospital) Whole Relocation Project