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Warmly welcome the teacher of Siemens Company to visit our company for on-site teaching and technical exchange.

Warmly welcome the teacher of Siemens Company to visit our company for on-site teaching and technical exchange.

Company News
2014/07/15 10:34
In order to improve the skill level of technical talents, the company has built an efficient and technical team and kept up with the pace of modern technology. On July 14, 2014, we specially invited Mr. Tang, the company's strategic partner “Siemens”, to come to our company. On-site lectures explain the knowledge of soft starters and motor protector systems. The on-site teaching and technical exchanges were warmly welcomed by Mr. Chen Songwen, the chairman and general manager of the company, and the staff.
First of all, Mr. Chen Songwen, Chairman and General Manager, personally delivered an important speech for the training and expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Teacher Tang.
During the training, Mr. Tang first explained the soft starter. The soft starter can control the motor voltage to gradually increase during the start-up process. It naturally controls the starting current. The soft stop function attached to the soft starter can also Effectively avoid the "water hammer effect" generated when the pump is stopped to ensure the safety of production and life. The employees involved in the training are all listening carefully with their notebooks, asking questions and communicating with each other from time to time.
In the afternoon, after a short break, Mr. Tang began to explain the motor protector, from the role of the product, to the method of use, how to choose, have made a detailed introduction and explanation, and also come up with a model for each component, Different functions are presented in more detail for the issues raised by different areas of the technician's focus.
With a passionate speech style, Mr. Tang joined a wealth of cases and won the unanimous approval and applause from the participants. Finally, the entire training event was successfully completed in a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere, and Mr. Tang also praised the good learning of our employees. At the same time, it is expected that Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain a long-term and excellent partnership with Siemens. After all the students in the room listened to the teacher's course, they felt deeply and benefited a lot. In the future work, they applied the knowledge taught by Mr. Tang to their daily work, and contributed to the development of the company. Contribution.
After the training, Chen Dong made a concluding speech on this training. He said that this training and technical exchange will undoubtedly play an important role in the development of our company's business and the formulation of new plans. This is also a good opportunity. Let us have a deeper understanding of the details of the products, understand the situation and prospects of product promotion, and the determination to strengthen the market positioning, which laid a good foundation for our work efficiency, skill level and performance improvement. We firmly believe that with the close cooperation of Siemens, we are moving towards our goal...
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