2024 Spring Festival Gala-Do not forget your initiative mind, Strive Forward

Release Time:2024-02-26

The dragon greets the prosperous age to bid farewell to the old year, the tiger leaps to welcome the new year in China. In order to let everyone feel the joy of the festival and the warmth of the Chutian family, stimulate the fighting spirit of daring to innovate and forge ahead, show the vigorous development of the enterprise, carry forward the corporate culture, strengthen the cohesion of the team, and enhance the employees' sense of identity with the "Chutian family", Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. solemnly held the 2024 "Happy, Warm, Interactive" Spring Festival Gala at 10 am on February 3, 2024, in the activities, we will sum up the glorious history of 2023 and look forward to the bright future of 2024 together, so as to work together for a new chapter in 2024. To forge ahead for the fruitful and tiring 2024.

At the Spring Festival get-together, the programs were colorful and exciting. First, the whole team drew lottery tickets. The body line was smooth and the mountain bike was light and graceful. Treadmill with simple body and bold atmosphere; Tamping red and energetic spinning; Fishing rods and outdoor tents, which make a family of three feel more cheerful outdoors, made everyone admire these unprecedented rich lottery gifts. Everyone was gearing their hands and waiting. Then the New Year's Accompanying Ceremony was handed out-the red cashmere scarf, which is expected to be prosperous and prosperous in 2024. All the staff put on red scarves and arranged in front and back queues with Chairman Chen as the center for a group photo nostalgia. With a vigorous and passionate spirit, they together sent off the 2023, which is accompanied by hardships and gains, to usher in the 2024 of dragon, tiger and renewal. With the sweet voice activities of the two beautiful hosts (Yang Huiling and Xiao Juan) entering the group game link of "everyone participates" and takes the table as the group, the circle of left and right hugs, you push me and shove is round and round. The apple transmission that needs shoulder and neck coordination, regardless of you and me, is completed in one go. Carrying, cuddling and holding the bus, as well as a fashion show that makes everyone have fantastic ideas, big brains and unlimited creativity, everyone devoted themselves to the smokeless "battle", which made the party lively and jubilant. After nearly 40 minutes of competition, the winner was decided. After a lot of excitement, Mr. Chen Songwen, chairman and general manager, came to the stage to make an annual summary speech and a new year's speech in 2024. In his speech, the chairman highly affirmed and praised the unremitting, pragmatic and conscientious efforts and achievements of various departments in 2023. He placed high hopes on the "Hubei Chutian people" who are about to face new tasks and new requirements in 2024 and join hands to continue the brilliant chapter, I hope that everyone has the spirit of pioneering and bold innovation, and at the same time has the business philosophy of long-term development with quality for survival and quality as the core, and work together to make Chutian's cause bigger and stronger.

       Time recorded the footsteps, honor proved the efforts, followed by the annual outstanding service stars Xia Faxue, Xia Yongfeng and Yao Yuping. Yang Hong and Yang Huiling, model workers of the year, and Xu Yuhong, the best dedicator of the year, took the stage to receive certificates and bonuses respectively under the reading of technical director to Yafei, engineering director Hu Houji and chairman Chen Songwen, these awards are an affirmation of their hard work in 2023 and an incentive and spur for them to make persistent efforts and achieve better results in the following 2024. At the same time, they also awarded the championship and runner-up medals and bonuses to the 6 group leaders Ye Chenghao and 8 group leaders Yu Yaowen who won the group game competition. They thanked them for their wonderful performance in the activity and their dedication to entertaining others, immediately after the award, it entered the dining session, during which an exciting live lottery was intermittently inserted,Family Joy Award,The annual surplus award, the dancing youth award, the golden age award and the special elated award are in turn.By the LordGuan Wang Xiaojin, Xu Yuhong, Xia Yongfeng, Yao Yuping and Zhang Hongli; Ministers Luo Jianzhi, Xia Faxue, Xiang Baian and Chen Bo; Directors Zhang Kaiwen, Hu Houji, Xiang Yafei and Xiao Difan; Chairman Chen Songwen took the stage to stab balloons and draw them. The prizes fell to other people's homes one by one with the popping sound of balloons. In a state of joy, the party gradually came to the curtain.

       The successful conclusion of this party has enabled all employees to deeply understand the strength of unity and the strength of the team, and deeply understand the happiness and joy of working together with a group of people who have common beliefs and common pursuits. Every Chutian people firmly believe that under the correct guidance of Chairman Chen, we will make concerted efforts and aim high. We believe that Hubei Chutian Electric will have a more brilliant tomorrow!