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Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. 2013 year-end summary commendation meeting and the New Year group annual banquet was held

Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. 2013 year-end summary commendation meeting and the New Year group annual banquet was held

Company News
2014/01/25 10:25
The old laughter and the old age. On the afternoon of January 20, 2014, all employees of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. gathered at the Hujin Hotel, and held the 2013 Annual Summary and Commendation Meeting of the Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. and the New Year Group Annual Banquet. The conference systematically summarized the work in 2013 and arranged and deployed the company's work in 2014. At the same time, we commended and rewarded outstanding employees who made outstanding contributions to the development of the company's work in 2013, affirming their achievements in the past year. Through this conference, we promote corporate culture and enrich our employees' lives. Let the struggle in the first line of marketing and production of the same line together to feel the joy and joy of love, share the happiness and glory of the family, so that the event will add a festive, festive, lively festive atmosphere.
First of all, the office director Mr. Chen Kailiang gave a new year's words. Immediately, Mr. Chen Songwen, Chairman and General Manager, published a work report on “Five Core Strategies, A Dream of Chutian”. During the meeting, the company’s leaders read “Decision on Recognition of Outstanding Individuals in 2013” ​​and Xia Xiaoxin, Director of the Company’s Electrical Workshop Mr. Chen Kailiang, Director of the Office, Mr. Ye Qingna, Vice President of Production, and Mr. Chen Songwen, Chairman and General Manager, presented awards to outstanding individuals. After the awarding ceremony, a wonderful and orderly sweepstakes was held to make the whole meeting full of laughter and laughter, and truly felt the festive atmosphere. The party was in the blessing of each other, and the end of the happy, happy and joyful atmosphere in a harmonious atmosphere. After the meeting, Mr. Chen Kailiang, the director of the office, made a final concluding speech.
During this period, Chen Songwen, the chairman of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd., made a comprehensive, objective and fair summary of the company's development over the past year, and also proposed the company's work ideas in 2014, depicting the company's bright future. All the participants can feel the bright future of the company and strengthen the confidence of everyone's work. This conference is an exciting and inspiring conference! After the meeting, all employees can independently study and understand the spirit of the meeting. Under the correct leadership of the leaders of the superior company, they will unite as one, work together, pragmatically develop and innovate, and strive to achieve the 2014 production and operation goals. The bright future contributes strength and wisdom!
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