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Leaders of China Merchants Bank Wuhan Jiyuqiao Sub-branch, Mr. Lu, and other leaders visited our company for inspection and guidance.

Leaders of China Merchants Bank Wuhan Jiyuqiao Sub-branch, Mr. Lu, and other leaders visited our company for inspection and guidance.

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2013/07/20 10:11
On the morning of July 19, Lu Xingchang, a branch of China Merchants Bank Wuhan Jiyuqiao Branch, visited our company for inspection and guidance. It was warmly welcomed by Mr. Chen Songwen, the chairman and general manager of the company, and the staff.
Lv Xingchang and his entourage went to the workshop production site accompanied by the chairman, general manager Mr. Chen Songwen and the office director Mr. Chen Kailiang. In the sheet metal workshop and the electric equipment workshop, Chen Dong introduced the brilliant achievements of our company in the design, production and R&D of high and low voltage electrical equipment, box substation, cable branch box and automatic control system. While listening to Chen Dong's introduction, Lu Xing asked about the production and operation of the company, gave high praise to the company's current production capacity and development speed, and expressed appreciation for the company's emphasis on clean production, process transformation and technology research and development. The good spirits, full enthusiasm and tidy work of the employees of Chutian Electric have been fully praised and affirmed.
After visiting the production workshop, Mr. Lu and his team immediately visited the office area and gave positive comments on the clean office. During the talks, President Lu briefly introduced the development history of China Merchants Bank and its business in Hubei. He hoped that the two sides will further deepen their understanding and understanding and further strengthen exchanges and cooperation. Chen Dong thanked Lu and other leaders for their concern and support for Chutian Electric. He hoped that China Merchants Bank and the company will maintain a long-term, good cooperation and mutual assistance relationship and promote the friendly cooperation between the two sides to a better platform. After the meeting, President Lu said that this year will further strengthen the support of China Merchants Bank for enterprises, and on the basis of maintaining a good credit system, form a good atmosphere of cooperation between banks and enterprises to help enterprises solve the problem of financing difficulties. It is hoped that under the correct leadership of Chen Dong and the efforts of the staff, Chutian Electric will become the first-class power equipment production base in the province.
Lv Xingchang’s actions have strengthened the cooperation between banks and enterprises and deepened the mutually beneficial relationship between the two sides.
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