Direct strategic partnership with Siemens

Release Time:2019-09-19

20199Month9Chen Songwen, Chairman of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd., was in the company's conference room on Sunday.ConveningIt'sWith Siemens(China)Ltd. Wuhan Siemens Senior Leadership Business Negotiation Meeting,WestDoor(China)YesLimitHong Haining, General Manager of Siemens Wuhan, Lei Shuai, Channel Director, Channel SalesSell Li Wen, and our companyPurchaseLuo Jianzhi, Minister of the Ministry, Xiao Difan, Minister of the Enterprise Management Department, and Li, Marketing Manager of Zhongshan Electromechanical Co., Ltd.HaiyingAttended this meeting separately. This meeting summarized the market situation in 2018 and analyzed2019of the yearMarket prospects, through this negotiation, our company and Siemens(China)Ltd. Wuhan Siemens reached a long-termThe direct strategic partner of Hubei Chutian has taken another big step forward.


Chairman Chen Songwen mentioned at this meeting that it is guided by "value innovation" and "emphasis on quality and high-end"prevailHeart, in the electrical equipment and engineering qualification is complete, manpower, material resources, financial resources equipped on the basis of adequate, vigorouslyMilitary Gezhouba, State Grid, Wuhan Iron and Steel and other high-quality "big whale" customers of the strategic route and component selection,.Siemens is the preferred route for the partnership alliance. Chairman Chen listed our company at the meeting.2018The finished output value of the year and2019The mission plan for the year, and the future development trend as a starting point focuses on the analysis of our company's large number of Siemens products.demand, carefully articulated with Siemens(China)Ltd. to form a strategic alliance is imperative. Siemens(MediumCountry)Hong Haining, general manager of Wuhan Siemens Co., Ltd., gave a strong affirmation to the achievements made by our company at the meeting, andWe are willing to form a long-term strategic alliance partner with our company, both in terms of staffing and price advantages.We will give strong support and try our best to meet the needs of our company. We also hope that our company will become stronger and stronger.