China Gezhouba-Laos Hulan Pangya Downstream Hydropower Project Communication Meeting Successfully Held in Our Company

Release Time:2019-09-27

 ChinaGezhouba Co., Ltd.RepresentativeLiuiron match,YellowYong and his party in2019Year9Month25Arrived at our company on the 2nd, justLaos Huilan Pangya Downstream Hydropower ProjectThe factory requirements of the supplied equipment held a communication meeting in our conference room. This time, our companyReferenceRepresentatives of the meeting are business director Hu Houji, production director Liu Chao, technical engineer.(Technical Director of the Project)QinZhaohui.


ChinaGezhouba Co., Ltd.Under the guidance of chairman Chen Songwen, the representative and his party visited our production workshop and office building, and had a better understanding of our working environment, production capacity and qualification strength. This meeting, ChinaGezhouba Co., Ltd.The representative of the equipment supplied by our company from the instructions, maintenance manuals, factory reports, signs, eyebrows, test pictures, spare parts with the cabinet, data placement and packaging, etc.EachIn terms of detailed requirements, we have made clear the preparatory work of our company before the equipment leaves the factory. Business Director Hu Houji made a speech at the meetingGezhouba Co., Ltd.The arrival of the representative gave a warm welcome and thanksLiuiron match,YellowYong two representatives made full affirmation of the factory requirements, and carefully promised that our company will be in accordance with ChinaGezhouba Co., Ltd.The requirements of the work in an orderly manner, on time to complete the task, factory qualified, high-quality products and equipment, for the friendship between the two sides, the two sides again to lay a solid foundation for cooperation.