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Huadian's largest coal-fired power plant overseas began to hoist

Huadian's largest coal-fired power plant overseas began to hoist

Industry Information
2019/04/09 15:19
  On March 20th, the hoisting work of No. 2 boiler steel structure of Huadian Vietnam Coastal Phase II project officially started, which kicked off the main installation project of No. 2 boiler. It marks the full start of the high-altitude installation of the largest coal-fired power station outside China Huadian, laying a solid foundation for the orderly and effective development of the subsequent boiler main installation work.
  The Vietnam Coastal Phase II coal-fired power plant project is the largest power project invested by China Huadian Corporation in the Vietnamese power market. It is located in the power generation industrial park in the coastal county of Charong Province, Vietnam, and designed and built two 660,000 supercritical coal-fired generating units and supporting equipment. Unloading coal terminal. The project is controlled by Huadian Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 51%, and undertakes the construction of EPC. The operation period is 25 years. It adopts the 660,000 kilowatt supercritical generator set that is currently at the domestic mature level and is developed in the construction-operation-transfer (BOT) mode. Construction started on the 26th and is scheduled to go into production in 2021.
  The project strives to become an advanced, efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and beautiful Vietnam benchmark power plant, providing safe, reliable and clean energy protection for the development of the electricity market in Vietnam, and contributing to alleviating the power shortage in the province of Cha Rong and Vietnam.
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