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KYN58-40.5 metal armored removable switchgear


Electrical products with voltage levels ranging from 3.6kV to 550kV, used for power generation, transmission, distribution, energy conversion, and consumption in the power system to provide on/off, control, or protection functions

Product Details

KYN58-40.5 metal armored removable switchgear is a new concept switchgear developed by Wuhan Changxing Electric Appliance Development Co., Ltd. with foreign technology. It meets GB, lEC, DlN and other standards and is suitable for different types of substations, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises and high-rise buildings. The switchgear is particularly suitable for frequent operation. The switch cabinet is particularly suitable for frequent operation The switch cabinet is particularly suitable for frequent operation The switch cabinet is particularly suitable for frequent operation The switch cabinet is particularly suitable for frequent operation.
The friendly man-machine interface makes the switch cabinet operation programmed and formulaic, and the operator can see at a glance.
The unique design of the propulsion mechanism enables the handcart to automatically locate the position during the propulsion and launch process, and the contact of the isolated contact is more reliable.
The tool handcart with adjustable upper and lower lifting width can easily put different types of handcarts on the ground or working platform for maintenance. The tool handcart and the switch cabinet are equipped with reliable locking, which strengthens the anti-falling measures of the handcart. If the tool handcart is not reliably engaged with the cabinet, the handcart cannot be pushed into the cabinet or pulled out from the cabinet.
CT installation is changed from vertical installation after cabinet to hoisting, which increases the space of cable room, and the cable connection height is more than 800mm, making cable installation convenient and maintenance simple.
The secondary plug is fully latched.
The grounding interlock is simple and reliable.
The combined valve is flexible to open. With the pull-out of the circuit breaker, the valve is automatically closed and forced to lock, eliminating the danger of accidentally touching high-voltage electricity.
The four-pin lock door structure relieves the usual trouble of closing and opening the door. No matter what state, the solid and reliable door can effectively withstand the impact of internal fault arc.
The door of the circuit breaker chamber and the circuit breaker have reliable interlocking. Only when the door of the circuit breaker chamber is closed can the circuit breaker be operated, which effectively prevents the arc from harming people when the fault is closed. Sturdy cabinet, effective pressure release channel can withstand internal fault arc impact and burning, effectively protect the operator's personal safety.
Reasonable electric field distribution and insulation structure design make the switch cabinet insulation reliable and meet the requirements of all working conditions (the cabinet has passed the condensation and pollution test).
Normal use environmental conditions
● Ambient temperature: 25 ℃ ~ 45 ℃;
● Altitude: not higher than 1000m;
● Relative temperature: not more than 90%( 25 ℃);
● Earthquake intensity: not more than 8 degrees;
● There is no fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

The switch cabinet has the functions of overhead incoming and outgoing lines, cable incoming and outgoing lines, bus connection, etc. Mainly suitable for power plants, substations, petrochemical, metallurgical steel rolling, light industry and textile, factories and mining enterprises and residential areas, high-rise buildings and other different places. It mainly includes high-voltage isolating switch and grounding switch, high-voltage load switch, high-voltage automatic coincidence and segmenter, high-voltage operating mechanism, high-voltage explosion-proof distribution device and high-voltage switch cabinet.

Correct Selection of Breaker Breaking Capacity
On the primary system diagram, the selected circuit breaker, indicating the circuit breaker model, rated working voltage and rated working current, must also be selected for the breaking capacity of the circuit breaker. With user drawings, the breaking capacity of the circuit breaker is not selected, which makes it difficult for the manufacturer to carry out engineering design. The breaking capacity selection should be based on the system short-circuit parameters. If the manufacturer does not understand the system short-circuit parameters, it is difficult to make the correct choice. There are also some user drawings, regardless of the system short-circuit parameters, blindly select high-break parameters, resulting in unnecessary waste of funds. The correct choice of breaking capacity is very important, not only to ensure safe operation, but also to consider reducing product costs.

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