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2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Friendship Activity

2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Friendship Activity

Company News
2018/09/25 01:12
During the festive season, in the season of the crab yellow fragrance, in the days of this moon, all the "family" of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. embraced the "family" with a passionate feeling. Their 18th birthday also welcomed the family reunion and the beautiful scenery of the Mid-Autumn Festival.
In the special moonlight festival, the company held the “Mid-Autumn Festival Friendship” event. The event was divided into two themes. First, we celebrated 18 of our 18 brothers and sisters. "The birthday; the second is that the family is tightly supported together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The event began on September 21st, 2018 at 12:00 pm. All the staff first entered the venue to start the birthday celebration. The venue was arranged in a colorful and cheerful atmosphere. The words "Happy Birthday" were shining under the light; The fruit on the table is red, green and yellow, which makes people dazzling; the powdery, white birthday cake is flowing out of the sweet smell in the venue, and people can't help but suck the nose. The birthday party will enter a climax in the happy birthday songs of all the family members. The laughter and the funny sound will be heard in the ear, and the beautiful and beautiful singing voice will enter the ear like a hole in the hole. In this happy and noisy, you can also enjoy the winding. Liang Sanri’s moving beauty. The birthday party came to an end in a beautiful song, and the family began to entertain themselves. Some sang, some played billiards, some chatted, some were in groups of three, some were only shadows, but They are sharing this joy.
At 13:30, all the family members entered the restaurant in an orderly manner. The parents, Mr. Chen Songwen, gave a speech for the event. Parent Chen Songwen said that today's achievements come from everyone's support and dedication. Today's harvest comes from everyone. The sweating and non-abandonment of follow-up expressed great gratitude to everyone for their dedication and dedication. At the same time, they placed deep hopes on the future of the family and the company. At the venue, Mr. Chen Songwen also mentioned the ideals for realizing the dreams of the family and realizing the growth and prosperity of the “big family”. Parents lead the family, not afraid of the hardships and hard work, the first line of the decisive battle, although the road It's not always easy, but we have a belief that we can decide to win thousands of miles away. Finally, the parents Mr. Chen Songwen sent a festive blessing to the family. I hope that the Mid-Autumn Festival will send the most sincere wishes and greetings to the distant relatives. I also hope that the family will be healthy and have a big family with Chutian. Work together in the same boat, share the wind and rain, and create brilliance together. In the sincere blessings of the parents, Mr. Chen Songwen, and the enthusiastic applause of the family, the Mid-Autumn Festival feast began.
The event was successfully concluded in a series of laughter and laughter. The family is convinced that under the leadership of the parents, Mr. Chen Songwen, grasp the present and look forward to the future, and jointly contribute to the home of Chutian, for the construction of our "Chutian" The House has a total of strength.
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