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"Action Education" Lecture Newsletter

"Action Education" Lecture Newsletter

Company News
2018/08/18 01:10
In order to improve the professional accomplishment of managers, unify the ideology of managers and enhance the internal management system, on August 1, 2018, Mr. Chen Songwen, Chairman and General Manager of our company, will present the speech. Mr. Hu Xiaojun, the teacher of Shanghai Action Education Wuhan Branch of Wuxin Electric, Zhenyuan Electric, Huayi Electric, Maxima Machinery, Jinlong Livestock and so on, was invited to give a special lecture. "Received."
In this lecture, Mr. Chen Songwen gave detailed explanations based on the ten aspects of performance, manpower, marketing, users, and finance of the company's development, and combined with the practice cases of many famous enterprises to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth analysis. Let us have a better understanding of the management model of the enterprise, and at the same time have a clear plan for the development of our personal career. In the lecture, Mr. Chen Songwen shared with us the “28th” rule, which allowed us to deeply understand and understand the indispensable close relationship between “fish and water” between enterprises and employees; “Whales in customers” Personalized service, only the industry first, the product's only big, strong management philosophy. In this lecture, Mr. Chen Songwen pointed out that the importance of performance to the development of enterprises and the inevitability of performance evaluation of enterprises, also mentioned the cultivation and reproduction of talents, the sublimation and reproduction of technology is the objectivity of enterprise development and growth. People are the lifeblood of the enterprise, and technology is the essence of the enterprise. Through this lecture, it fully reflects the management philosophy that Mr. Chen Songwen thinks is human-oriented, and the spirit of talents and talents is also fully demonstrated. Mr. Song Wen has placed deep hopes on the development of the company and has full confidence in the future of the company.
Mr. Hu Xiaojun was specially invited to give a supplementary explanation to some of the contents mentioned by Mr. Chen Songwen. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Hu Xiaojun organized a sharing of ideas, everyone expressed their opinions and made problems in the work and The items that need attention in the future work are described one by one. The lecture was successfully concluded in an atmosphere of high spirits and high morale.
Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd., under the leadership of Chairman and General Manager Mr. Chen Songwen, will be able to step out of Tongtu Avenue and let “Chu Tianren” be proud and proud.
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