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Company News
2019/01/07 01:18
This is an activity that was expanded in Yingcheng Tangchi. It is also the first time that the society has participated in such collective activities. The sentiment and thinking brought to us by each expansion training are painstakingly memorable!
December 29, 2018. The night before yesterday, I set the alarm clock at 6 o'clock in the morning. I got up early and prepared my daily necessities. I came to the company's door as the big guy, and boarded the bus at 8 o'clock to go to Yingcheng to expand the base. The company owner is divided into two buses, I am sitting on the No. 3 bus. Ok! The long-lost and familiar instructor appeared in front of me, remembering the military management study career of that year, and it seemed like he had escaped from the claws when he graduated! So at the beginning of this event, I was not excited and excited. It may be that everyone started very early, naturally lying on the seat with headphones and sleeping back! It took only more than two hours to drive. It took me nearly 4 hours for the driver to go the wrong way. I was still happy in my heart and didn't want to face the military training that was coming soon! But it is different from what I imagined!
The team needs the core. When we arrived at the destination, it was already at 12 noon. We got off the bus and gathered the whole team. We simply adjusted the team and we adjusted the team. We used the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 to divide into four teams. The instructor announced the discipline of training. After the rules, we began to group, everyone you said one sentence, I said their own ideas, complement each other, and finally decided the final captain, team name, team song, team flag. This is a warm-up activity. Although it is a company, there are still many colleagues who don't know each other. Through this, we can enhance mutual understanding, break the doubts and suspicions between interpersonal contacts, and create a harmonious team atmosphere. The instructor began to expand the wearing vest, our four teams are called the red vest called the flower team, the yellow vest is called the Raptors, the green vest is called the good team and the purple vest of the pigs. A good team is at the core.
After the end of the Chinese food, the colleagues from the 3rd car arrived at the house and put them in the room. There was a lunch break of nearly two hours at noon. It was easier than I thought. We don’t care about the department. At the level, everyone is sitting in a happy chat and sharing the snacks they bring!
Time passed by, and at 2:30 in the afternoon, the playground was assembled on time. The first expansion activity was called “Tractor Dance.” Everyone learned the same with the instructor twice, and jumped up with the music. The laughter has to overshadow the music, and the cold winter has warmed up!
The team needs to trust and cooperate. Followed by a team game called "Balling the Ball", this project is the most impressive to me, tied with 16 drums of about 3m string, put a ball on the head, everyone pulls the rope, with the let The ball bounced on the drum surface and just started to bounce 5 times. It felt very difficult. I slowly found the cockroach and adjusted the height of the staff. Everyone tightened the rope to the back 10, 20 times, 40 times, the more The better, the more you don't blame anyone, trust each other, think together and make progress, the team will get better and better, and the good team needs trust and cooperation.
The expansion of the first day came to the end. After dinner, it was extended for one afternoon. Everyone was hungry. When they didn’t talk, they started to eat. The company also quietly prepared a birthday cake for the birthday partner. We all will be birthday. The eyes were covered, the candles were lit, and Shouxing saw the unexpected surprises. We all happily sang birthday songs and ate cakes together! What a warm family! After the meal, everyone also organized to go to the hot springs and play mahjong. A happy day has entered a dream like this!
By the next morning, everyone went to the cafeteria for breakfast without a bed. I brushed my circle of friends and saw that it was snowing in Wuhan. I was very happy in my heart. I had two simple games in the morning and went to the room to pack my bags and prepare for the return journey.
At the end of the expansion, all of us have defeated every expansion training program. We all have a very happy cooperation. Thanks to the company for this expansion, let me re-recognize every friend of the company, trust each other and encourage each other. This feels great!
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