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Remember Tangchi Development

Remember Tangchi Development

Company News
2019/01/07 01:18
From December 29th to 30th, 2018, the company organized a two-day Tangchi expansion activity to reward the hard work of employees over the past year. Through the expansion activities, it can increase the cohesiveness of employees and relax everyone.
At 7:30 in the morning of December 29th, everyone came to the company's door with excitement, and took an orderly ride on the two buss arranged by the company, all the way to the destination Yingcheng Tangchi, in the car. There are two instructors who expand the company, and they will give you simple games on the road to ease the boring of two and a half hours.
Arriving at Yingcheng Tangchi, the car stopped directly at the entrance of the visitor center. Everyone was ready to check in directly. After the room was divided, the luggage was set up for expansion activities. The coach arranged a warm-up jog three times. After the run, the whole person got hot. It is. In the statue square, the coach asked us to encircle the city with a big circle, use the strength of the arms to support each other, and make the "sun flower" game according to the instructor's password. The body of all the staff leaned back and leaned forward, tilted to the right or fell to the left. Under the mutual trust and cooperation of each other, while doing the shouting slogan, the warm and harmonious picture is in front of you. After completing the game, the company’s military training was like returning to the student era, which made people feel energetic and energetic. Lizheng and the movement of the rest of the movement, the slogan of Hong Liang resounded through the clouds, let me experience the high morale of the team morale, and march forward to a goal.
After eating the Chinese food collection in the Tangchi restaurant, we learned the tractor dance under the guidance of the coach. With the rhythm of the music, we are happy to move our limbs and twist the bulky body. Subsequently, the ice breaking group was carried out. After the grouping was completed, each group put on uniform uniforms, and each team leader was selected and the team name was selected: red vest--such as flower team, yellow vest--Raptors, green vest--good team and Purple Vest--Pig Peggy Team, everyone strives for the honor of each group. The first game is to beat the ball and the whole team needs to work together. The ropes are balanced at the same time, and the number of balls is the most. Everyone was working hard. After ten minutes, they played four teams. During the game, everyone insisted on it and filled with laughter and laughter. In the end, they completed the number of instructors. Followed by the target market game, each team sent a team member to find the digital card, the rest of the team searched for the correct number according to the picture, everyone worked together, in order to find more correct cards, they ran back and forth to discuss each other, which enhanced the relationship between employees. communication. After the end of the event, the company prepared a surprise birthday party and prepared a double-layer cake for the birthday staff. The whole staff celebrated their birthday, which was very pleasant and very touching. A warm friendship from the company. After the birthday party, you can soak yourself at the hot springs and enjoy the care of the Tangchi Hot Spring.
After breakfast the next day, the management staff started the management meeting. The rest of the staff gathered in the indoor hall. First, they warmed up the tractor dance. Then they started to press the fingerboard and we were a family game. All the staff gathered around the hall to play in the hall. Interesting and meaningful games, usually everyone works in the company's respective positions, this is a rare opportunity to complete the expansion together and increase the feelings between the people.
Although the time for this expansion training is short and the harvest is very large, we are all overwhelmed, and we have increased our enthusiasm for us to better invest in our work in the future. We are grateful for the benefits that the company has given us, and we have an unforgettable experience.
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