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2018 expansion notes

2018 expansion notes

Company News
2019/01/07 01:16
In order to reflect the company's humanistic feelings, enhance the company's corporate culture, and enhance the company's cohesive strength, Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. held a two-day "Building Team Cohesion on December 29-30, 2018, and created Chutian Competition." "2018 winter outdoor development training + hot spring health activities.
In the early morning of December 29th, all the employees of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. adhered to the discipline of activity, and embarked on an outdoor development trip with extreme cold and enthusiasm. Because "Chutian Jiaozi" believes that enthusiasm can drive away the cold winter, fighting spirit can overcome the wilting and bleak of winter. In a laughter, at 10:30, I arrived at the destination----Yingcheng Tangchi, which was eroded by the winter. The pond that was once green, lush and flowery was also isolated in the gray, sky, occasional stars. A little green, among them, indicates to the winter that they are tenacious, showing people their past scenery and beauty. Putting down the sac, the line trotting opened the curtain of outdoor expansion.
In the first round of "breaking ice grouping" and "corporate military training", the flowers in hand-in-hand are sometimes "swollen in full bloom" in the winter and sometimes "small in the wind" and "swaying in the wind"; a "good" roar makes the cold" Looking at the pace, "smell the wind", so that the original wrapped like a scorpion-like body, the time has become bumpy, light and soft, because "clothing" --- has no body. Although the cold wind is getting more and more fierce, and although the temperature is getting lower and lower, the enthusiasm and passion are burning, unity and friendship are gathering, confluence... The calorie consumption is also rapidly reduced, and the first meal of Yingcheng is in everyone's. In the hope, the rapid arrival in a cloud of turmoil also quickly ended.
The cold wind is still swaying all things, cold is colder, pain is more painful. However, the enthusiasm remained and the fighting spirit remained. Under the command of the instructor, the second round of training began. The ups and downs, the left and right extensions of the arms and kicks perfectly interpret the relaxation and madness of the "tractor" dance. The PK skills of the four squads have gradually moved onto the stage. You pull me, you are quietly moving the drums, a center of the "target market", patted the shoulders of us It’s a family. The activity is in full swing and orderly. The flowing punches and laughter calls constantly hit the ear drums, infecting the monotony and silence of the winter. With the rhythm of the activity or the squat, or running, or jumping and changing shape, the bloody and hot images are filled with fullness and fullness.
As night fell, a sumptuous dinner came to the 18th birthday of Chutian. The birthday candles representing blessings and auspicious lights are lit in the night, and the happy birthday songs of Gaochun are hovering and reverberating in the restaurant. The sweet scent of the birthday cake is floating around, lingering, drilling into the nostrils and breaking into the atrium. Have had dinner, have a cake, and are ready to start the evening activities----hot springs.
Tangchi Hot Spring combines nature, leisure and health. It has soup pools of different sizes and functions. It is also equipped with a lounge, a professional massage center and traditional Chinese medicine treatments. It makes the humanization and integration of Tangchi Hot Spring more and more. It is manifested in the world. The dense mist and the boiling pool soup can make people sweat on the cold night when the air will freeze. It is really a "pen of the gods", which makes people feel hearty and happy.
The day's activities are almost over, but the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm is still competing against the night that erodes the day. The beautiful melody of "retaining the roots" and "闯天崖" is a song that flies into the dark night sky from the music bar, breaking the silence of the night, and singing the melodious songs. One pierced the sky and hit the eardrum, making people intoxicated. A "small apple" turned the tick-like posture into a "dance". The body that was twisted at will, the arm of "nowhere to put" waved freely, and released the enthusiasm and enjoyed the night of music.
Did the winter day come especially late? It was already half past seven, and I ate breakfast in a hurry. The sound of the 8:30 collection sounded in the ear, and the sound of the nine-point meeting was slowly tapping the beat.
On December 30, there was no wind, but the weather was still cold. At this time, the expansion team was divided into two parts, some of which participated in the "new sailing, work together to create brilliant" Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. 2018 annual work conference, and the other part began the third round of expansion training. The third round of training was changed from yesterday's outdoor "indulgence" to the indoor fingerboard "introverted" practice, refers to the pressure plate, if you only wear socks on the normal walking, the soles of the feet will feel a tingling, if you want to jump the rope or With a weight of one hundred pounds walking on it, what is the pain? The training of the stinging foot is slowly progressing, suffering each patient's tolerance for pain, and testing each participant's stubborn willpower without shrinking or fear. The belief that "I believe, I insist" is now raging and embarrassing in the hearts of every participant. It supports everyone to overcome every sting caused by the finger pressure plate, so that everyone is not afraid, not The courage to compromise is straight ahead.
“New sailing, creating brilliant together” Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. 2018 annual working conference was held simultaneously in the Huadu Conference Hall. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Chen Songwen, Chairman and General Manager. Long made a detailed analysis and summary of the problems in the work of 2018, and gave a substantive solution to the problems in the 2018, and adopted a reasonable and implementable policy to effectively prevent the recurrence of similar problems. At the meeting, Chairman Chen also made a perfect annual plan and work deployment for the work in 2019. At the same time, he made clear the focus of work in 2019, and formulated the corporate navigation mark and “annual output value of one hundred million”. Corporate goals. At the meeting, Mr. Hu Houji, the director of the business department, gave a detailed report on the implementation of the work in 2019. The conference fully demonstrated the beautiful vision of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. and the ambition of Chutian. We are also fully convinced that under the guidance of Chairman Chen’s wisdom, under the concerted efforts of “Chutianren”, “Chutianren” will definitely come out of a Kangzhuang Avenue which belongs only to “Chutianren”.
After eating Chinese food and returning to the city, the vehicle slowly entered the world of silver-wrapped world----Wuhan, the trees, the roof and the road were all white, the first snow in 2018 It is a sign of the beautiful spring of "Chutianren".
After two days of close contact with the expansion activities, “Chutianren” experienced the whole team experience in an open, frank, interactive and happy atmosphere, and deeply realized the team consciousness of “common glory, mutual advancement and retreat”. Thereby enhancing the understanding and trust between the "Chutian people". The awareness of cooperation has been strengthened, and the sense of belonging of the company has been enhanced. Through this activity, “Chutianren” has contributed to the future of the rust with a positive and optimistic attitude towards life; with a strong and tough wolf spirit, My future is constantly struggling.
2018, a beautiful memory;
2019, a beautiful future;
Let us go hand in hand and work together.
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