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Warmly welcome Guowang Langfang Power Supply Company to visit our company

Warmly welcome Guowang Langfang Power Supply Company to visit our company

Company News
2015/09/18 10:48
Five people from the State Grid Langfang Power Supply Company visited our company on September 17, 2015 to exchange guidance. Chen Songwen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chen Kailiang, Director of Production and Office, and the heads of relevant departments warmly received visitors at the 3rd floor conference center.
The State Grid Langfang Power Supply Company and our company cooperated for the first time. In order to carry out exchanges and cooperation and reach a deep strategic relationship, the two sides conducted in-depth meeting exchanges and discussions. First of all, Chen Songwen, the chairman of the company, briefed the guests on the scale and technical strength of Chutian Electric in the industry, and introduced the project performance of our products in various industries. Subsequently, Vice President Chen led the leaders of the State Grid to visit our production workshop and gave a detailed explanation of the production process of the project. We also made detailed technical and after-sales analysis based on the customer's future working conditions, so that the customers would Tiandian's equipment has a deeper understanding, and the State Grid leaders have affirmed and recognized the equipment design and completion of our equipment.
Through this visit, the State Grid Langfang Power Supply Company has a fuller understanding of the production status and production capacity of Chutian Electric. The inspectors are very satisfied with the solutions and services provided by our company. This visit promoted the cooperation between the two parties. process. We will adhere to the company's consistent standards of practice to provide the most satisfactory service to more customers!
At the end of the inspection, the two sides exchanged views and ideas, and said that they will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and put forward ardent expectations for the cooperation between the two parties in the next stage. Through communication and communication, our company has core business needs and business characteristics for Langfang Power Supply Company. In-depth and fully understand, in the future cooperation, with many years of experience in the electrical field, Chutian Electric will certainly achieve greater development achievements.
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