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[Changjiang Business Daily - A32 Edition Elite Life] Chu Songwen, Chairman of Chutian Electric: I am intoxicated by this land in Wuhan

[Changjiang Business Daily - A32 Edition Elite Life] Chu Songwen, Chairman of Chutian Electric: I am intoxicated by this land in Wuhan

Company News
2015/07/14 10:47

In the 2015 A32 edition of the Yangtze River Business Daily, “I am intoxicated by this land in Wuhan; a 24-year growth history of Zhejiang Merchants and Wuhan – Chen Songwen, Chairman of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd.” It tells the story of Mr. Chen Songwen, the chairman of the board, who insists on the simple belief that he loves his family and works with others; He has worked hard, and the style of honesty and integrity has been praised and recognized by his peers. At the same time, he has contributed to the accumulation of Chutian Electric's corporate culture and has also written a brilliant movement for corporate development. The full text is as follows:

Changjiang Business News News A 24-year growth history of Zheshang and Wuhan together
□ reporter Tang Shiyun
Moved the family's household registration from Zhejiang Yueqing, which has ample welfare and subsidies to Wuhan, and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Many people in his hometown said that he was stupid. This "stupid thing" in the eyes of outsiders, for Chen Songwen, is deeply grateful to this day, all of which is due to the fact that he was "seeing the right eye".
On July 6th, in Wuhan, there was an unbearable heat in the air. In Chen Songwen’s office, the Changjiang Business Daily reporter saw this “Leqing person with Wuhan ID card”. In front of the reporter, he talked about the most not his company, not his life, but his land with Wuhan.
It has made him lost, and he has also thought and epiphany, and he has also harvested a brand new Chen Songwen.
He has been working in the electrical accessories business in Wuhan by renting a storefront, and has now become the chairman of the two companies. He proudly said: I am a Yueqing person with a Wuhan ID card!
Today, he has his own house and investment in Wuhan, Shanghai, and Zhejiang. His son is studying in the United States, his daughter is studying at an outside school, and he is going to study in the UK.
Right now, he is only 42 years old, a man's best years. He said with confidence: I hope to make the company group, ask the professional managers to manage, and then replace the BMW X3 that is now open into a car, and spend a year driving the country. I am sure there will be tomorrow I want.
When it comes to the stock market, he said that he never trades stocks. He smiled and said that when the young people in Yueqing described the economic situation as a child, they said that when the economy is good, it is time to do business and do business. Only when the business is not good, the time is gambling.
Wuhan makes him a dream
On July 6th, the reporter walked into the office of Chen Songwen, the chairman of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd., and placed green plants everywhere. A fresh coolness suddenly came.
This feeling is like the elegant middle-aged man in front, the upper body is a LV blue T, the lower body BOSS pants, BALLY shoes on the feet, not luxurious, extraordinarily decent. In the face of reporters, the first sentence of the “Zhejiang businessman” who came to Wuhan 23 years ago is: “I like Wuhan, thank you for this city. Today I am proud that I am already a Wuhan person.”
In 1992, Chen Songwen came to Wuhan to sell electrical accessories. He reluctantly said: "Our hometown Yueqing is a famous low-voltage electrical capital in the country. The relatives and friends around us are doing this almost, and I have to do it." So young Chen Songwen began to travel far. During this period, he also walked through some big and small cities, but only Wuhan made him think, stopped in a hurry, and took root here.
Wuhan not only let Chen Songwen discover the first bucket of gold in his life, but also made him feel the beauty and beauty of the city.
To this day, he is still grateful for the choice he made in the past: "This is a kind of fate, right eye. Wuhan, a temperament that not only pays attention to its own inheritance but not special exclusion, attracts me. She can make a foreigner very Quickly integrate into this atmosphere and enjoy your career."
This kind of love for a city is not just a verbal talk. Chen Songwen introduced that the village of Yueqing’s hometown has no cultivated land because of the development of industry. The village’s welfare to the villagers is particularly good, “but I am not only in Wuhan. I bought a house and moved the family account. So our family of four people will lose almost tens of dollars every year. Many people in my hometown say that I am stupid."
Chen Songwen also deliberately took out his ID card to show the reporter, "Hey, I am now a righteous Wuhan man."
In 2000, Chen Songwen bought three houses in Wuhan. He said that he particularly likes East Lake. He often goes there with his wife on weekends. On the one hand, he is a fashionable city, and on the other is a beautiful scenery. Another kind of Wuhan makes him fascinated. Of course, the prosperity of the market in Hanzheng Street also attracted him. "When I first came to Wuhan, I often went to Hanzheng Street to wash clothes. After so many years, the boss of the store and I became good friends. When I was fine, I was about to Gather together."
Chen Songwen likes Wuhan, and Wuhan has also made a group of entrepreneurs like him from all over the country.
At the beginning of his business, he only had a small storefront. However, due to his integrity management, it quickly attracted the attention of Siemens. Siemens took the initiative to find a new customer to recommend him, and also let him be the core distributor of Siemens' Central China region. In this way, the young Chen Songwen began to pursue the dream in Wuhan.
Trust is a simple belief
Speaking of "Zhejiang Merchants", Chen Songwen believes that if wealth is used as a standard, many people who have indeed come out of Zhejiang have succeeded.
Chen Songwen said that there are many factors in this success. "Zhejiang people are particularly hard-working and hard-working. No matter where they go or how bad the environment is, what he first thinks is not to complain, but how to overcome it. It is the unity, the Zheshangs trust each other, and there are things that everyone can do together, not to dismantle Taiwan, but to join in, as if it is a simple belief."
Chen Songwen said that such mutual credit is particularly important. "Letter" is the premise, and "use" is the result.
Today, Chen Songwen has already become the chairman of Chutian Electric and Zhongshan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. from a small store owner. In addition to these two chairman positions, he also has a "title" that he values ​​more: the secretary of the Wuhan Yueqing Chamber of Commerce.
He said: "This city has given me a lot and I want to do something for her."
This grateful mentality allowed him to hand over most of his company's affairs to his wife, and he was more likely to travel in the interactive exchange between Wuhan and Zhejiang. The identity of this ambassador of folk commerce also took up a lot of his time.
"Before you came to the interview, I just sent a group of Yueqing merchants to the hotel to rest. They talked with them about several projects in Wuhan these two days, and they will accompany them to Enshi on the flight tomorrow morning." Chen Song The text told reporters.
When asked how he was elected as the secretary-general by the Yueqing merchants in Wuhan, he smiled slyly: "My business is not large in this circle. It is probably that everyone who sees me is more honest. Indeed, in the honor room of his company, the reporters saw the most "the contract and credit" medals, from the district level to the city level to the provincial level, not falling for one year.
After doing business for so many years, Chen Songwen said with deep feeling: "A business is like a child, you take care of him carefully, he will also get sick." In order to let this child grow up healthily, in addition to He taught integrity since childhood, but he also kept himself strong. "At the beginning of the business, I couldn't understand the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statement and the profit model. No way, I had to start from scratch. Now These things are taken over and basically understood at a glance."
He also told reporters about his entrepreneurial stories when he was young. "Because you started your business successfully, you feel that you are very talented in business. It’s a bit amazing. You have invested in breeding long-haired rabbits. Finally, rabbit skins can’t be sold. Rabbit meat was given away for free; it was also involved in liquor business, and finally many white wines were brought back to the New Year as welfare."
Chen Songwen said that now that he is no longer a young man, he is very satisfied with the most familiar industry. "Business is like drilling a well, one meter wide and 1000 meters deep. If you choose well, you must concentrate on it. Go to be fine and deep."
Ragged believers make themselves realize that they are shameful
Chen Songwen has done a good job of his own business, but he is still not satisfied with the current state. He explained that the legitimate pursuit of wealth is the basic mentality that every society should have. It is this pursuit that promotes social progress and civilization. "In the end, you will find that wealth is only a healthy body and family around you. ""
Chen Songwen explained to reporters: When there is no necessary trade-off between money and physical health and family happiness, you will find that the three are very harmonious, and all the money obtained by their hard work is worthy of respect.
Chen Songwen said that the pursuit of wealth is a very important part of life. Regardless of the ending, we must pay attention to the excitement of the process. "The two words of life are taken apart, and the word "life" is the state of being spoken. It’s the way to talk. The world is so big, people probably only live this life, so be sure to be multi-faceted and try to try in all ways.”
When I was young, Chen Songwen also experienced some other kind of "exciting". "When the startup has a good start, I often watch friends playing cards. At that time, the banknotes are not money but paper. Everyone uses a ruler to estimate the table. The money is tens of thousands."
This kind of life is very exciting and crazy, but Chen Songwen soon got tired of such wonderful things. "From the table, the exhaustion after the excitement is not only physical, but also spiritual."
By chance, Chen Songwen walked down from the table. It was a weekend. He sent his wife to the church at the entrance to the church. There were some poor people who looked at the clothes. "It’s these ragged but full-spirited believers that make me feel that my squandering at the table is really one. Great shame."
In this way, Chen Songwen's spare time was transferred from friends' tables to the desk and gym. "Now I have trouble when I have to worry about decompression. I am running on the treadmill for an hour."
In addition to his physical health and financial freedom, he also makes several holidays each year to accompany his family to travel.
Chen Songwen likes to travel, and he also likes to travel with people around him. "I and my staff have almost gone through the famous mountains of Hubei. The next step is to enter the province."
These big things in life can't be sloppy, and many details should be paid attention to. Chen Songwen said, "I don't pay attention to the brand of clothes, but my clothes and shoes must be clean, so I will feel comfortable when I go out. I really can't work with someone who doesn't change clothes often. ”
Life needs to change and become new. Chen Songwen also asked himself to change it often. "Like I take a Burberry handbag today, tomorrow may be a DuPont. I change a hairstyle every year, it feels like a new one. Life style is the same.” Chen Songwen believes that this constant change is a surprise for himself. Although it is small, it is an indispensable part of a colorful life.
Of course, behind the long-changing new ones, there are some eternal things that cannot be changed. The radar on his wrist has been worn for twenty years, because it was sent by the wife, so he never changed, and now he does not have a second watch. He said that the watch is "every moment, never give up", just like your own lover.
For the future, he said that he hopes to make the company group, ask the professional managers to manage, and then change the BMW X3 that is now open into a car, and spend a year driving the country. He is convinced that he will have the tomorrow he wants!
History of personal entrepreneurial experience:
Come to Wuhan in 1992, rent a store to sell electrical accessories
Then became the core distributor of Siemens in Central China
Today is the chairman of Chutian Electric and Zhongshan Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
At the same time, he is also the secretary general of Wuhan Yueqing Chamber of Commerce
Chen Songwen, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province
Chen Songwen, Chairman of Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. and Secretary General of Wuhan Yueqing Chamber of Commerce. Our reporter Fu Jian photo
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