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Congratulations to Chutian Electric for winning the "Enterprise Credit AAA" certificate and "Membership Unit"

Congratulations to Chutian Electric for winning the "Enterprise Credit AAA" certificate and "Membership Unit"

Company News
2015/06/26 10:46
In order to implement the strategy of administering the country according to law in the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the State Council's "Planning Outline for Social Credit System Construction (2014-2020)" and the Ministry of Commerce and other 17 departments on "strengthening the promotion and promotion of the results of industry credit evaluation" Instruct the spirit, accelerate the construction of industry credit, promote the application of credit evaluation results, increase the propaganda of enterprises that have obtained credit ratings, and promote the construction of a market credit system of “trustworthiness, trustworthiness, and trustworthiness”. The 12th China Integrity Entrepreneur Conference and the 2015 National Social Credit System Construction Experience Exchange Conference hosted by the China Market Society Credit Work Committee was held on May 22, 2015 at Beijing Jingxi Hotel. At the opening ceremony, Yu Xiaosong, senior vice president of the China Marketing Association, issued credit rating certificates and plaques for enterprises with AAA credit rating.
At the awarding ceremony held on May 22, 2001, Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. won the honors of “China Market Society Credit Work Committee Member Unit” and “China Market Credit AAA Credit Enterprise”, among the award-winning enterprises. Not many companies that have won these two honors. For enterprises that have obtained the corresponding credit rating, they can use enterprise grade evaluation marks in corporate promotional materials, media, product sales, project bidding, product nameplates, product packaging, product manuals, etc., and also obtain government procurement, policy support, policy preferential treatment and Priority qualifications in financing loans, etc., enable integrity companies to gain more market opportunities.
Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. has been implementing the corporate philosophy of "Integrity, Everlasting Foundation, Commitment to the Future, Open the Future", and adhere to the enterprise spirit of "passion, encouragement, development, and win-win", and regard integrity as the survival of the enterprise. Integrity is also the core culture of corporate culture. At the same time, relying on leading technology, excellent quality and standardized management, the company's product types and market development have made great progress. With the baptism of time and the experience of the market, Chutian Electric will eventually embrace the world and become the most trusted electrical leader in China with its broad mind.
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