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Asked about Wudang Mountain, Happy Taiji Lake - remember the three-day tour of Wudang Mountain

Asked about Wudang Mountain, Happy Taiji Lake - remember the three-day tour of Wudang Mountain

Company News
2014/09/01 10:35
Time dimension in September, the order belongs to the three autumn, the earth flows gold, the birds are hurrying. Based on the principle of people-oriented and happy work, we will promote the corporate culture and enhance the cohesiveness of the company, thereby further stimulating the enthusiasm and motivation of employees, increasing the sense of belonging of employees, appropriately returning to nature, and relaxing the body and mind. The company special organization "see the world's first fairy mountain" - Wudang Mountain's activities.
At 8:30 in the morning of August 29, the tourist bus set off on time, carrying the full laughter and the expectations of all employees to Wudang Mountain. The tour guide organized a cultural event on the bus, which allowed the 6-hour drive to fly fast. Everyone was immersed in the joyful laughter and arrived at the destination without knowing it. We enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at Wudangshan Jinjie. In the afternoon, everyone was free to take photos at Jinjie, taking photos and buying souvenirs.
The dinner was held at the Athens Hotel in Wudang Mountain, and the dishes were very rich. During the dinner, first of all, Mr. Chen Kailiang, the director of the office, presided over it. I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family. I wish you all a happy trip. At the same time, explain in detail the three-day itinerary and precautions. Immediately, Mr. Chen Songwen, the chairman of the company, delivered an important speech. Chen Dong elaborated on the purpose of this group tour and thanked the staff for their hard work and joint efforts. I hope that everyone can get it thoroughly during this trip. Rest and relax, and wish the staff and family members to be happy and happy during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and hope to work hard with everyone in the future working hours to realize the "Chinese Dream, Chutian Dream" as soon as possible. Chen Dong’s voice is just falling, the hall There was a burst of applause. After the dinner, all the members returned to the hotel to recharge their batteries for the next day.
At 6 o'clock on August 30, everyone was excited to go to Wudang Mountain. At this moment, although the sky is drizzling, it still can't stop the pace of our Chutian people moving forward. At this time, Wudang Mountain in the drizzle is another beautiful scenery. The rainy hair of the cow hair fell into the mountains. The light rain was the light and soft veil of the Wudang Mountain, which made the Wudang Mountain look more beautiful. Everything is foggy, everything is covered in clouds, and the scenery is looming, like a fairyland. The sightseeing car walks on the winding mountain road. The misty peaks on the roadside are skipped from the front, and the wonders of the world are not lost. The name of the world is the only one in the world. Everyone is immersed in the beauty of Xianshan, and soon arrives at the Zixiao Palace on the mountainside. Stepping into the Zixiao Palace, the thick Taoist atmosphere comes to the surface, as if accepting the baptism of the Emperor Zhenwu, the grandeur of the past remains. As the verse says, "Five miles and one ten-mile palace, Dan wall green tile looks exquisite. The tower is hidden in gold and silver, and the song is in the mirror." Everyone took a group photo with each other and took a rest. After visiting the Ziwei Palace, everyone prepared to hike on the top of the main peak of Tianzhu Peak. Everyone was very interested at first, even running and climbing, but it didn’t take long to pant. The strange road makes people feel fearful. Everyone encourages each other. You help me and help you. I insist on climbing the golden top. Although the clothes have been soaked in sweat, the joy after the peak of conquest is on everyone's face. on. "There is no difficulty in the world, as long as Kenden climbs", our team must be the most cohesive and combative.
After a day of hiking, on August 31, we came to the Taiji Lake in the mountains and rivers. On the cruise ship, the sparkling lake rippled in the green hills. It seemed to fall into the paradise. The water surface was as clear as the mirror, and the reflections of the surrounding mountains were faintly visible. . A lake of clear water, quiet and vast, smoothing the inner city, such as the tranquility of the water, such as the romance of the song, picturesque pure, dreamlike fantasy. After taking a cruise, there are also kayak, water bike and other rides for everyone to enjoy in the lake.
A trip to Wudang Mountain not only adds a sense of intimacy and identity among the employees, but also helps each other in the journey of mountaineering, making our entire team more cohesive and laying the foundation for future work collaboration. Let us I like this happy big family more!
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