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Warmly welcome the leader of South Korea's SAC company, Minister Guo, to visit our company for guidance and work.

Warmly welcome the leader of South Korea's SAC company, Minister Guo, to visit our company for guidance and work.

Company News
2013/11/14 10:23
On November 13, 2013, at 1 pm, Minister Guo of South Korea's SAC Company, accompanied by Mr. Chen Songwen, Chairman and General Manager of our company, and the warm welcome of all staff came to visit our company. Minister Guo first visited the company office area enthusiastically. The comfortable and clean office environment and the atmosphere's decoration style were praised by Minister Guo.
After visiting the office area, Mr. Guo was in the company's chairman and general manager Mr. Chen Songwen and Hubei Qianjiang Jianghan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. Rao Zong, Zhong Gong, our production vice president Ye Qingna, sales manager Wang Bo, office director Chen Kailiang Accompanied by Chen Bo, Director of the After-sales Service Department and Qin Zhaohui, Director of the Technical Department, a symposium was held in the conference room.
At the meeting, Mr. Chen Songwen, Chairman and General Manager of the company, first extended a warm welcome to Minister Guo. The company's development status and future plans will be detailed in detail. And the SAC project supporting electrical cabinet production progress is seriously reported. Chen Dong said with enthusiasm that the SAC project is the third overseas project of our company after the Tajikta project of Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd. and the Cambodia project this year. All employees of the company attach great importance to it and hope to take this opportunity through the SAC project. , open up foreign markets and improve competitiveness.
After listening to Chen Dong’s detailed introduction, Minister Guo accompanied the translators and expressed his appreciation for the many years of healthy and stable development and scientific planning of Chutian Electric Company. He expressed his full affirmation and sincere gratitude to the company for its strong support for the SAC project.
After the meeting, accompanied by the accompanying personnel, visit the electrical workshop and the sheet metal workshop to learn more about the production process and product quality. When I walked to the high and low voltage cabinets of the SAC project produced at the site, I stopped to consult technical questions and communicated with the company's technicians for a long time. During the communication, I kept erecting my thumbs and expressing "very OK" in a witty way. "Very good". Minister Hu’s humorous and peaceful and approachable style instantly filled the entire workshop with an active atmosphere, and everyone had a relaxed and pleasant conversation in the workshop throughout the afternoon.
After 5:30 pm, everyone entered the conference room. Minister Guo said with deep affection that through this field visit, Chutian Electric is not only a comprehensive modern enterprise that manufactures high and low voltage electrical complete sets of equipment, box-type substation, cable branch box, automatic control system design, R&D and production. At the same time, it is also a large private enterprise with strong strength. The electrical complete sets of equipment produced by Chutian Electric have formed a self-owned brand with certain influence with the first-class technology and independent innovation consciousness, which will occupy a huge market share. Minister Guo finally expressed the hope that Chutian Electric will make persistent efforts in the future development and achieve even better results. Through this field visit and exchange, SAC will further strengthen cooperation with Chutian Electric, continuously deepen the cooperation field and achieve the goal of mutual benefit.
Minister Guo’s words were heard and heard in the hearts of the people, causing warm applause from all of you here. The meeting also came to an end, and the visit and guidance work ended in a harmonious atmosphere.
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