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Wind and rain, both spring and autumn, all the way to write brilliant

Wind and rain, both spring and autumn, all the way to write brilliant

Company News
2013/09/01 10:14
Remember Hubei Chutian Electric Co., Ltd. - Yingshan 2nd Tour
The gears of the clock, after a few years of spring and autumn, look back at the imprint of the way, full of gratitude. In order to thank the employees for their hard work and create a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere, the company specially organized all the staff to go to Yingshan Bisheng Grand Canyon to raft and enjoy the rivers and mountains. Everyone is in the embrace of nature, indulging in the mountains and rivers, and spent a happy two-day trip.
At 9 o'clock on the morning of August 30, everyone took the journey with excitement and took a bus to the hometown of Bisheng, the hometown of silk and green tea--Yingshan! Everyone laughed and laughed along the way. At 12:30, we arrived at the first stop of the trip to Yingshan Bisheng Grand Canyon. After 2 o'clock, go to the starting point and start to experience the thrilling, stimulating, safe, and the biggest difference in the Bisheng Grand Canyon. In the rapids, you can play in the water, watch the wind and water, and enjoy the green trees. You can swim in the pleasant Huashan. In the jungle (the whole journey is 7.6 kilometers, the total drop is 288 meters, of which 48 gaps of more than 3 meters, 9 large gaps of 9 meters or more, 2 meters of 15 meters, and a maximum drop of 30 meters constantly challenge your psychological limit , rare in the country). For more than two and a half hours, everyone was looking for a difficult and exciting feeling.
After the rafting was over, I drove back to the hotel and the laughter continued in the car. Everyone talked about the thrilling scene, telling the heart of the heart, and sharing the thrill of the heart. After entering the hotel, we gathered together to celebrate the smooth holding of this event. During this period, General Manager Mr. Chen Songwen delivered a passionate speech. He pointed out that the event was a very meaningful event, reflecting the company's efforts to create a healthy and up-to-date corporate culture, enhance employees' spiritual and cultural tastes, and enhance employees. Teamwork and hard work, in the future, our company will step up efforts to hold more such meaningful activities. I hope that everyone will continue to work hard to achieve success. After the dinner, we sang a song together in the KTV, and sang a song. Everyone sang their passion and danced my style.
On the morning of August 31, we came to the first scene of Taohuachong Scenic Area--Wuchu Ancient Great Wall-Shaoguan. There are about seven or eight thousand steps on both sides of the ancient Great Wall. The left side leads to the Han Hanpo, and the right side leads to the ancient beacon tower. The Wu Chu Gu Great Wall is the dividing point between Hubei and Anhui. Let everyone visit the realm of “one pass and one pass, two eyes look at Jianghuai”. We visited Yiying Pavilion, the Revolutionary Historical Monument, the Heroes Song, and the Dazhuyuan Conference Site to witness the vicissitudes of the bloody red soil. Looking back on the past, the battlefield smokelessly remembers the heroes, and everyone experiences the different scenery of the Red Revolutionary Base. After the end of Wuchu Ancient Great Wall, we went straight to the last destination of this tour - Shili Taohuaxi. Because there have been creeks and waterfalls along the way, everyone has to walk on foot and enjoy the scenery and beauty. On the mountain road, we squat back and look up at the end. However, we have no fear at all, and we are heading towards the destination with full enthusiasm and upward spirit. The mountains here are angular and unique in shape, and the clouds around the mountains rise and rise, and Lin Tao hunt and undulate. Here, we relax and enjoy the oxygen spa that nature has given to humans! Let's stop and go, take a rest, or talk, or take a picture, or listen to the spring, or watch the waterfall, linger on, enjoy the beauty, and feel like being in the world. Seeing the "millennial drought and continuous flow, thousands of years of rain and green water", the Shili Taohua River, the peaks and valleys, the stream is clear, the rock is colorful, and the eyes are pleasing, let us linger. We walked down the creek and finally reached the end. Everyone took photos and took photos. The car slowly drove on the winding road. The landscape outside the window was changeable, and the clear water was smooth from the stone. Flowing down, carrying the beauty we rarely see. At this moment, let us think of the poem of Li Bai, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty. "The peach blossom pond is a thousand feet deep, not as good as Wang Lun sent me." At this moment, it is difficult to let go and it is hard to forget.
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