"Busy Production" -101 sets and three boxes of China Railway 11th Bureau went out of the warehouse smoothly.

Release Time:2021-07-07

Purchase orders from the China Railway 11th Bureau followed,The order that must be delivered on July 6 condensed into a mass of heat throughout the factory, making everyone excited and enthusiastic. Everyone's heart was filled with the heroic spirit of "killing people for benevolence, only for delivery". After days of tiredness and hard work, everyone always maintained full passion and stuck to the front line of production. Everyone shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, force to one place, force to one place to send a coordinated war, so that the workshop presents a busy scene.



By nine o'clock in the morning, the electric fan whimpered and worked hard to drive away the heat, but the intense and busy work still kept the clothes tightly connected to the back. The sun is on the rise, the sun is blazing outside the window, and the room is in full swing. The wiring, wiring and screwing are still meticulous and orderly. The sun, which had been powerful for a day, was so tired that it hid behind the mountain. The moon swallowed the waste heat bit by bit with the cold moonlight. It was already dark outside the window, but the factory was brightly lit. The heroic feeling of not giving up until the completion was still boiling and burning in everyone's chest. In the light of the morning, fish belly white has floated in the sky, eyes have been swollen and sore, hands have been weak, but looking at one by one on the bag, the equipment on the car, the in the mind only joy and joy.

The "Chutian family" who had been fighting for a day and a night dragged their tired bodies and cherished their small and successful happiness with a sound.The final sound of "Let's go home" gradually disappeared at every intersection. The dedication and love spirit of "giving up a small family and taking the factory as a home" is burning their youth and igniting the light of their limited life. It is they who practice loyalty, responsibility, dedication and dedication with practical actions. It is they who are writing their unique and ordinary life with limited youth and infinite passion, in the drawing of a rich and prosperous harvest picture that belongs only to the "Chutian people.

Hot, they, already, everyone, everyone, tired, youth, passion, one place, one day