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Yunnan Power Grid Corporation issued a work plan for increasing supply and expansion, ensuring completion of the task of sending electricity from west to east

Yunnan Power Grid Corporation issued a work plan for increasing supply and expansion, ensuring completion of the task of sending electricity from west to east

Industry Information
2019/04/09 15:22
  Recently, Yunnan Power Grid Corporation issued a work plan for increased supply and expansion, expanded the supply and expansion of sales, and explored the incremental space, tapping the potential of the internal market through multiple channels, and recovering the electricity bill in full, ensuring the completion of the annual plan for the West-East Power Transmission of 94.5 billion yuan. In kilowatt-hours, the transmission of power from west to east was over 16 billion kWh, the market in the province reached 144 billion kWh, an increase of 6.17% year-on-year, and the annual electricity rate recovery rate was 99.91% and above.
  Create a good business environment
  In order to ensure that the operating rate of the main energy-carrying industries in Yunnan Province will be restored to more than 50% as soon as possible at the end of the first quarter, the "top-ranking" units of Yunnan Power Grid Corporation will be directly responsible for actively cooperating with the Yunnan Provincial Government to implement the steady growth of the industrial economy, supervising the resumption of production and increasing production, and striving for At the end of the quarter, it will recover to more than 60%. Encourage the energy-carrying industry to fully produce in the flood season, fully absorb the surplus clean energy in Yunnan, and ensure that the clean energy consumption space in the flood season is not less than 3 billion kWh.
  "Since the beginning of the year, we have accelerated our pace, 'day tracking, weekly analysis, monthly report', closely tracking and mastering market dynamics, improving market grasping ability, fully saving quantity, seeking incremental, grabbing variables, and striving to exceed the targets issued at the beginning of the year. Li Yonghui, director of the marketing department of Yunnan Power Grid Corporation, said. The company makes full use of the metering automation system, strengthens power management, and closely tracks the province's electricity consumption, with a particular focus on high-voltage users. At the same time, we will do a good job in the operation and maintenance of four types of terminals, and continue to track and analyze the power consumption of the main electricity industry.
  It is understood that in 2019, Yunnan Power Grid Corporation will focus on optimizing the business environment, strictly follow the ten measures of China Southern Power Grid Corporation to optimize the electricity business environment, and do a good job in optimizing the implementation of 31 key measures for the power business environment.
  "This year we will combine the 2018 industrial and commercial electricity price reduction policy and the plan to renovate the main households of power supply, continue to strengthen the electricity price policy propaganda, take the initiative to help industrial and commercial customers calculate the economic account, and guide them to choose clean energy power." Li Yonghui introduced. Yunnan Power Grid Corporation will encourage residential users with large electricity consumption to declare residential electricity packages, and use price advantages to guide electricity consumption habits. At the same time, increase market-oriented trading policy propaganda, constantly tap the potential of electricity consumption in the province, and expand power consumption. Steady progress has promoted the sustained, stable and healthy development of market-based transactions in the province, played a good role in the market mechanism, rationally reduced the cost of electricity consumption, and strived to achieve a market-oriented transaction volume of more than 95 billion kWh in 2019.
  In response to the risk of electricity tariff recovery, Yunnan Power Grid Corporation will strengthen enterprise credit management, closely track the economic situation, product price changes of power companies, and flexibly adopt multiple forms of meter reading and pre-receiving electricity to reduce the risk of electricity charges. Secondly, the promotion of fee control and remote stop-and-recharge functions, the use of technical means to control the risk of electricity charges, to eliminate new arrears, to minimize the owed electricity charges, to ensure that the year-end electricity charges "granular return".
  In order to continuously improve the power supply capacity, Yunnan Power Grid Corporation will strengthen the construction and operation of the main network in 2019, build a strong grid network, and effectively ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid. At the same time, we will actively promote the new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrading, speed up the construction of distribution network, rectify the problem of excessive supply radius of the distribution network, heavy line overload, frequent power outages and low voltage, so as to ensure that there will be no increase in supply due to the expansion of the industry. The event of expansion; strengthen the whole process management of safety, quality and progress of infrastructure projects, strictly prevent the remaining problems of the project from affecting the production operation; strengthen the comprehensive power outage management, reduce the blackout time, and avoid repeated power outages and long power outages.
  Play a "green energy card" to promote electric energy replacement
  "This year we will do our best to lay the 'green energy card' to ensure the power supply and promote the new load to put into operation as soon as possible." Zhang Enyuan, deputy director of the marketing department of Yunnan Power Grid Corporation, said. On the one hand, Yunnan Power Grid Corporation scientifically arranges the operation mode of the power grid to ensure the reliable and continuous supply of electricity in the province; on the other hand, it pays close attention to the development potential of the industrial park and the demand for electricity, and develops the "one-stop" electricity service mode of the park to improve the electricity supply. effectiveness. At the same time, in-depth analysis of changes in the power supply and demand situation, timely master the progress of hydropower aluminum and hydropower silicon projects, and do a good job of power supply in the province's green energy industry.
  It is reported that hydropower aluminum and hydropower silicon materials are the main growth points of Yunnan Power Grid in 2019. Yunnan Power Grid Corporation will track the progress of the project in a timely manner, strengthen communication with relevant local government departments and industrial parks, and timely understand the progress of projects with a capacity of more than 1 MW, and the production plans and capacity-increasing demands of enterprises to help enterprises expand production. In addition, we will strengthen the progress control of customer projects and various emergency projects, and strive to facilitate the early completion and commissioning.
  At the same time, give full play to the role of the large platform of China Southern Power Grid and promote the elimination of clean energy. In addition, vigorously promote "electric energy substitution" to tap the potential of emerging consumption. Focus on electric boilers, heat pumps, electric flue-cured tobacco, electric kiln and other key areas, combined with regional and industrial energy characteristics, promote the "electric energy substitution" work according to local conditions, and vigorously carry out "electricity to replace coal, electricity to replace oil, electricity to replace firewood" We will focus on increasing the proportion of electricity in terminal energy consumption and further increase the proportion of clean energy in electricity consumption. In combination with measures to promote the consumption of new energy vehicles in Yunnan Province, we will vigorously promote the construction of electric energy replacement and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, promote the comprehensive utilization of energy, and ensure the replacement of electricity by 3.1 billion kWh in 2019. Apply the general business and industry price cuts and market entry policies to stimulate the electricity demand of industrial and commercial users and guide the consumption habits.
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