In 2020, Shenyang, Liaoning will achieve full coverage of distribution network automation lines.

Release Time:2019-04-09

Next year, the State Grid Shenyang Power Supply Company will realize the full coverage of distribution network automation lines in Shenyang area. This year plans to achieve 80% coverage. It is reported that the power supply quality of the distribution network is a major issue directly related to the life and work of electricity customers, and the construction of a strong smart grid is an important deployment for the company to help create a business environment and benefit people's livelihood.
Next year, Shenyang distribution network automation line full coverage
On March 14, the reporter came to a distribution network automation project site located in the southwest corner of Beisan Road, Baogong Street, Tiexi District. At this time, the staff are upgrading the load switches on the two columns of the No.59 pole on the 10kV North Third Line. This is also a microcosm of the company's efforts to promote automation engineering and further improve the reliability of power supply.
"State Grid Shenyang Power Supply Company will promote the upgrading of distribution equipment in Shenyang through the implementation of the distribution network automation transformation project." Li Ming, deputy director of the company's operation and maintenance department, introduced. The company plans to use three years to achieve the goal of full coverage of distribution automation lines in Shenyang. In 2018, the coverage rate has been 46%, and it is planned to achieve 80% coverage rate in 2019 and 100 coverage rate in 2020. Among them, 26 automation renovation projects are planned to be carried out in 2019, involving seven grass-roots power distribution operation and maintenance management units. This year, it is planned to complete the implementation of all overhead parts of the project during the spring inspection.
If there is a problem with the distribution line, the fault point can be automatically located.
According to introduction, compared with the previous regular system, the biggest advantage of the upgraded distribution network automation system is that it can automatically locate the fault point after the distribution line has problems, realize rapid isolation and accurate positioning of the fault in the shortest time, save the time for operation and maintenance personnel to find the fault point, reduce the scope of power outage, shorten the duration of power outage, and greatly improve the power consumption experience of power supply users.
On the other hand, the deepening application of the system solves the problem of on-site operation in bad weather, and improves the emergency response speed and rapid processing capacity of the distribution network to bad weather and major events.
At present, in order to further speed up the construction progress of distribution network automation project, the company will implement the standardized construction achievements such as typical design and standard materials for distribution network automation transformation, and use the construction mode of "factory prefabrication, modular installation and standardized operation" to improve the quality and efficiency of distribution network automation project construction. Refine the project assessment mechanism and form a closed-loop management mechanism combining on-site inspection, hidden danger rectification and performance scoring to ensure the quality of construction technology and transformation; the participating units will carefully prepare the project implementation plan and reasonably arrange the power outage plan according to the relevant project content and implementation bearing capacity.