Warmly celebrate the successful launch of our ERP system

Release Time:2014-11-30

In order to cover the application of ERP system, unify the production and marketing management platform, and improve the company's lean production and "convenient and fast service" capabilities, through the joint efforts of all relevant departments of the company and the ERP project team, the ERP project, a key project of the company's information construction, has been officially put into operation since zero o'clock on November 29, 2014. The successful online operation of the ERP system in the pilot unit is a major milestone in the company's development history, marking a new level of the company's information management, and the company's information work has made a major breakthrough and taken a historic step.
The main work of ERP project is management design and system construction, focusing on the establishment of five systems: production, technology, procurement, warehouse, finance and sales. In the process of project construction, the company also carried out large-scale publicity and multi-level training through various channels such as ERP special issue, briefing, website publicity, lectures, knowledge questionnaire and competition to further improve the awareness and knowledge level of personnel at all levels. At the same time, the company ensured the strong progress of the project as planned through various effective work communication mechanisms such as weekly meetings. After all the staff of the project team worked hard day and night, the project was pushed forward in strict accordance with the planned nodes, and successively completed the current situation investigation, blueprint design, system implementation, online preparation and other stages of work. Lay a solid foundation for the system to achieve on-line operation.
Starting at zero o'clock on November 29, 2014, the ERP project was officially launched. Production department, technology department, purchasing department, enterprise management department, finance department and other units of the production plan, send and receive materials, procurement plan, in and out of the warehouse, accounts receivable, accounts payable and other data formally imported into the system, the dynamic data were supplemented. Key users in-depth on-site inspection to track the quality of input data, to guide the user, to solve various problems in a timely manner. At present, all the staff of the ERP project team are working day and night to carry out the related work of the system online and the technical support work after the online, and make every effort to ensure the stable operation of the system.
It is a major strategic decision of the company to promote the progress of enterprise management with information technology. The implementation of the ERP project has improved the company's management philosophy, optimized business processes, improved management efficiency, enhanced competitive strength, and formed a production and marketing control system that shares information and quickly responds to the individual needs of customers, thereby improving and promoting the company's scientific management progress, and then Enhance the company's core competitiveness has a significant and far-reaching impact.