Warmly welcome Mr. Huang and Mr. Liang of weir purchasing management co., ltd to visit our company for inspection and guidance!

Release Time:2014-12-13

At 9:30 a.m. on December 12, 2014, Mr. Huang and Mr. Liang of Wei Weiar Procurement Management Co., Ltd., accompanied by Mr. Chen of our company, specifically inspected quality management, production facilities, enterprise scale, production inspection equipment, human resources, technical documents, inspection management, etc.
First of all, Chen dong, together with relevant responsible persons of enterprise management department, technology department, after-sales service department, quality inspection department, production department, purchasing department and commerce department, warmly welcomed Huang zong Liang zong and Wu zong of huaxin cement co., ltd. in the conference room. Immediately, Chen Dong introduced the operation of our company, including enterprise scale, product positioning, operation, engineering performance, etc. After Huang Zong and Liang Zong learned about the situation of the enterprise, they went to the production workshop accompanied by Chen Dong for on-the-spot investigation. Huang Zong and Liang Zong highly affirmed the high efficiency and advanced production technology of the workshop.
After visiting the sheet metal workshop and electrical workshop, Mr. Huang and Mr. Liang fully affirmed the company's production capacity and technical knowledge, and reached a preliminary intention on the next step of cooperation.