Electrical Engineer/Technician

Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

3-5 years

Work area:


Job Description:

Job Title:

Electrical Engineer/Technician


Technology Department

Number of Recruits:

a number of people


Director Chen

Contact number:


How it works:


Work Experience:

More than 3 years

Gender requirements:

No Requirements

Working place:

No. 4-2, Building E, Huazhong Enterprise City, No. 16 North Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan City

Education requirements:

Unlimited academic qualifications

Customer service consultation:

027-61603588 to 8058



Age requirement:

Under 45 years of age

Foreign language requirements:

No requirements

Application method:


Postal Code:




Recruitment Date:

2013-12-13 to 2014-12-28

Other requirements:

Job responsibilities:

1. Electrical design of products: including drawing of electrical drawings, selection of electrical components, etc. Evaluation of suppliers of electrical outsourcing and introduction and transformation of outsourcing technologies;

2. Solve technical problems and estimate cost and time; determine the final product or system, and prepare production documents, user manuals and other related documents;

3, responsible for the review of electrical engineering drawings, construction plan approval, electrical construction quality, progress and cost control, to solve the construction of specific professional and technical problems;

4, assist in the development of bidding work; coordinate the relationship between the project construction unit, supervision unit and the surrounding units of the project;

5, responsible for the company's Senior high school low-voltage complete sets of equipment products installation and commissioning and after-sales maintenance work;

6, obey the arrangement of the department, to ensure that the commissioning or maintenance work is completed on time and according to the quality, to ensure the timely acceptance of the commissioning project;

7. Provide necessary technical support for sales, purchasing department and production workshop.



1. Over 23 years old, bachelor degree or above in electrical automation (strong electricity), mechatronics, electrical engineering or related major;

2. At least 3 years of technical research and development experience in high and low voltage complete sets of equipment in the electrical industry; Familiar with electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design, electrical component selection and master the design and production process of high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, and have in-depth research on GGD, GCK, MNS, ring network cabinet, intermediate cabinet and meter box products;

3. Solve technical problems and estimate the cost and time of prototype trial production, participate in field tests and deal with electrical failures, and propose product improvement measures;

4, familiar with graphic design software, with independent drawing ability; Able to complete all kinds of technical data such as primary drawing, secondary drawing, material list and so on for power distribution cabinet production;

5. Strong hands-on ability, self-discipline, strong enterprising consciousness and learning spirit, full of sense of responsibility, obey the arrangement;

6, have strong communication skills, bear hardships and stand hard work, can adapt to long-term travel work.