Electrical complete quality inspector

Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work area:


Job Description:

Job Title:

Electrical complete quality inspector


Quality Inspection Department

Number of Recruits:

2 people


Director Chen

Contact number:


How it works:


Work Experience:

More than 2 years

Gender requirements:


Working place:

No. E4-2, Huazhong Enterprise City, No. 16, North Avenue, Hankou

Education requirements:

College degree

Customer service consultation:




Age requirement:

Above 25 years old

Foreign language requirements:

No requirements

Application method:


Postal Code:




Recruitment Date:

2017-09-13 to 2017-12-31

Other requirements:


1. Fully responsible for the sampling inspection, patrol inspection and final inspection of the finished products produced by the company, responsible for the sampling inspection of components, complete the ex-factory inspection process of products, and ensure the quality of ex-factory products;

2. Be responsible for the daily inspection of distribution boxes and cabinets, identify the status of the inspected products, issue rectification notices, and urge workshop personnel to rectify;

3. Exercise inspection responsibilities, fill in the corresponding inspection record form, and cooperate with the annual 3C certification, ISO9000, environmental and health management system certification work;

4. Cooperate with the superior to implement other related work.


Job requirements:

1. More than two years of high and low voltage complete sets of product inspection or shell quality inspection work experience in complete sets of equipment factory, familiar with high and low voltage switchgear and other product process requirements, inspection standard requirements;

2. Able to independently complete the quality inspection work of the project, understand and understand the primary diagram, structure diagram, schematic diagram and wiring diagram corresponding to the schematic diagram, and skillfully operate various inspection and testing instruments;

3. Familiar with the performance inspection of electrical components, skilled use of complete sets of inspection equipment, able to independently complete product inspection work and after-sales service work;

4. Daily management and filing of drawings and data, will use office software, make quality inspection related reports, and be familiar with CCC certification system requirements in the electrical industry;

5. Major in electrical automation or mechatronics, more than 2 years working experience in complete electrical industry, familiar with KYN28, HXGN, GCS, GCK and other high and low voltage switchgear;

6. Obey leadership arrangements, team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, adhere to principles.