After-sales service engineer/electrical technician

Minimum Education:


Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work area:


Job Description:

Job Title:

After-sales service engineer/electrical technician


After-sales service department

Number of Recruits:

2 people


Director Chen

Contact number:


How it works:


Work Experience:

More than 2 years

Gender requirements:


Working place:

No. 4-2, Building E, Huazhong Enterprise City, No. 16 North Avenue, Hankou, Wuhan City

Education requirements:

Unlimited academic qualifications

Customer service consultation:



Age requirement:

Under 45 years of age

Foreign language requirements:

No requirements

Application method:


Postal Code:




Recruitment Date:

2013-12-13 to 2017-12-28

Other requirements:

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the company's Senior high school low-voltage complete sets of equipment products installation and commissioning and after-sales maintenance work;

2, obey the arrangement of the department, to ensure the timely completion of commissioning or maintenance work, to ensure the timely acceptance of commissioning projects;

3. Fill in the work report for each installation, commissioning or maintenance work, and feedback the relevant information to the company in time according to the company's regulations;

4, responsible for the technical training of users, to ensure that users are familiar with the company's equipment and master the necessary maintenance skills;

5. Provide corresponding technical support according to the business needs of the marketing department;

6. Provide necessary technical support for sales, purchasing department and production workshop.



1. Over 22 years old, bachelor degree or above in electrical automation (strong electricity), mechatronics, electrical engineering or related major;

2, mainly responsible for the company's products (high and low voltage switch cabinet, box transformer, ring network cabinet, ABB high and low voltage components debugging, installation, maintenance, etc.;) after-sales service work;

3, have a certain product use, repair, maintenance knowledge;

4. Be responsible for timely and good communication with customers, sales and internal personnel of the department, and cooperate with the technical department to complete on-site after-sales service;

5, understand the basic knowledge of electrical system, familiar with the complete set of low-voltage electrical production and manufacturing process and related standards; Proficient in graphic design software, with independent drawing ability; Able to complete the production of power distribution cabinet, such as primary drawing, secondary drawing, material list and other technical data;

6, have a good sense of service, serious and responsible work, strong accident judgment and handling ability, strong hands-on ability;

7, have a sense of responsibility and self-improvement, open-minded and studious, strong self-study ability;

8. Work initiative, dedication, strong independence, hard-working, obedience to arrangements, strong psychological endurance, able to adapt to long-term business trips;

9. Treatment: basic salary, performance salary, year-end bonus, five insurances, birthday welfare, holiday welfare, tourism welfare, promotion and salary increase.