Technical department clerk

Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work area:


Job Description:

Job Title:

Technical department clerk


Technology Department

Number of Recruits:

2 people


Director Chen

Contact number:


How it works:


Work Experience:

More than 1 year

Gender requirements:


Working place:

Huangpi District Hankou North Avenue No. 16 Central China Enterprise City E4-2

Education requirements:

College degree

Customer service consultation:



Age requirement:

18-28 years old

Foreign language requirements:

Level 3 or above

Application method:

Written interview

Postal Code:




Recruitment Date:

2014-02-18 to 2017-12-31

Other requirements:

Job Requirements: 1. Be familiar with the relevant power distribution technical requirements of high and low voltage switch cabinets and distribution boxes; 2, familiar with autocad drawing software, basically can use office office software; 3, received project management, project budget, bidding method and other aspects of training; 4, familiar with high and low voltage complete sets of products and electrical scheme, can independently prepare bidding technology, quotation documents; 5. Work carefully, have a sense of responsibility, good at communication, strong adaptability, team spirit; 6. Female comrades are preferred, and those with more than 1 year working experience in the same industry are preferred. Main Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for drawing electrical drawings, selecting electrical components, clearing drawings and quoting; 2. Be responsible for the technical review of quotation drawings, and be responsible for quoting non-bidding projects in various regions according to drawings and customer requirements; 3. Answer the technical consultation in the bidding process, be responsible for the price verification before the contract is signed, and participate in the production of technical bidding documents; 4, inquiry for special components, at the same time to do a good job of assistance and tracking; 5, responsible for providing the drawings and related materials of the single project; 6, regularly do a good job in the price of relevant components, data collection, timely understanding of the latest developments in market prices; 7, responsible for the door drawings, quotation documents printing, printing, printing, sorting, and storage work; 8, assist the technical director to carry out daily work, obey the leadership arrangement of other work; 9. Treatment: basic salary, performance salary, year-end bonus, five risks, birthday welfare, holiday welfare, tourism welfare, promotion, salary increase